Saturday, July 9, 2011

7/7/11 Impact

Crimson vs. Bobby Roode: *1/2

Jack Evans vs. Tony Nese vs. Jesse Sorensen: **3/4

Velvet Sky vs. ODB & Jackie: 1/2*

Rob Van Dam vs. AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn (Four Corners): **3/4

Devon & D'Angelo Dinero vs. Matt Morgan & James Storm: *

Abyss, Scott Steiner, Bully Ray, & Gunner vs. Kurt Angle: *1/4

Immortal calls out Anderson. Bully Ray mocks Anderson...loved that. And Scott's ready to do the screwing! Immortal basically wants Anderson to join them. Sting in the rafters! I swear to God he looks like Doink the Clown with messed-up face paint. Oh! It's Angle! Will Anderson join or reject Immortal's offer?

BFG Series updates: Devon beat Bully Ray (pinfall), RVD beats AJ Styles (pinfall), Bully Ray beat Devon in a return match (pinfall), and Crimson beat Bully Ray for another 7 points.Crimson in the lead right now with 24 points.

Crimson vs. Roode in a BFG Series match. Decent here, but crowd was kinda dead. Crimson still in the lead with 31 points now.

Tony Nese profiled for his X-Division match later tonight. Video of him looks great.

Abyss has gone mad...again. He's looking for his mask. Oh, Kendrick has it.

Jack Evans profiled. This guy is damn good. Saw a few of his matches in ROH and one in Dragon Gate USA. He's right, he does moves you've probably never seen before. He's super talented.

Kendrick still with Abyss' mask. Abyss has his face covered with a towel. Kendrick recites some Biblical stuff and basically wants Abyss to go without his mask. Abyss nukes Kendrick.

Jesse Sorensen profiled for the X-Division match. Again, video package looks good.

X-Division time. Crowd behind Jack Evans a lot. Yeah, don't blink on this one. That 630 from Evans is sick.

British Invasion segment. Williams will issue an open challenge at Destination X.

More promoting of Destination X.

Angle and Sting segment was amusing. Angle good at playing the straight man here.

Knockouts match time, and it's a handicap match. ODB mocks Velvet's entrance and Velvet comes through the crowd with a chair to hit both Jackie and ODB. Crowd was into this one pretty good. Adios to ODB and Jackie.

Loved the video package on Styles and Daniels. It's Four Corners time! So basically, just two guys legal in the ring at one time, tag rules. Very nice match here folks.

BFG match between Storm/Morgan and Devon/Pope. Interesting that Morgan pulled his own tag partner off to stop the pin because only the guy scoring the pinfall or submissions gets points here. Pope allows Devon to cover Storm for 7 points. Confusing, but sure. Perhaps it's because Pope thinks he has no shot to come back and win it all. Devon now tied for second with 21 points.

Looks like Angle is going at it solo vs. four Immortal guys. Anderson comes out as Angle's partner and goes nuts on Immortal, or so we think. Anderson lays out Angle. Average stuff. Anderson jumps in Abyss' arms and is part of Immortal.

Average show overall this week, but I love the X-Division matches.

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