Saturday, July 2, 2011

6/30/11 Impact

Devon vs. Samoa Joe: *1/2

Low Ki vs. Jimmy Yang vs. Matt Bentley: **1/2

Mickie James, Tara, & Miss Tessmacher vs. Madison Rayne, Angelina Love, & Winter (Elimination): *1/4

Gunner vs. AJ Styles: *1/2

Sting vs. Scott Steiner: *

We start the show with a video package of Sting displaying his nutso attitude. I like how Sting is calling Hogan "Terry" (Hogan's real first name). I like Sting's new attitude.

Hogan and Anderson promo time. Sting basically attacks Immortal in the back, does the ol' Taker deal by showing up in the ring after the lights go out, and then attacks Hogan. Anderson backs away and Sting cuts a nice promo. Sting is a nutcase, and man, it's awesome. How ironic how Bully Ray says the one thing he can't stand is a bully.

BFG series update through house shows. James Storm and Crimson get pinfall wins in Columbus, Ohio. Gunner got a pinfall win over Devon in Fort Wayne, but Crimson got a submission win that same night for 10 points (pinfall wins are only 7 points). James Storm and AJ Styles also got pinfall wins in Ohio. Crimson right now leads with 17 points. Gunner, Matt Morgan, Styles, and Storm are tied for second with 14.

Not a bad match between Devon and Samoa Joe. Pope was with Devon's kids. Kaz and Joe have words after the match.

Low Ki resurfaces! Jimmy Yang! Matt Bentley! Love this. So instead of being an Asian cowboy, Jimmy Yang is an Asian Elvis wannabe. Fun. This match should be very fun. A nice "Low Ki!" chant at the start. Bentley looks like he gained a bunch of weight. Loved Yang's "Flying Elvis" there. Fast-paced match, lots of kicks. Bentley's cutter-DDT move was nice. Not as good as previous weeks, in my book, but it was still a nice match here.

Six-Knockout elimination tag. Tessmacher was eliminated early because she is the weakest in wrestling ability of all six. Good crowd reaction here for this one. No tagging here, looks like lucha rules. Mickie basically on her own after Tara got taken out. Mickie gets Madison, so it's two on one for storyline purposes. Interesting here on Winter trying to reclaim her role as "master" of Angelina Love. Of course, this means Mickie gets to come back and "overcome the odds" for the win. Good stuff, but man, we didn't need all those knockouts in that match. It could have been Mickie vs. Winter and Angelina...that would have been better.

Daniels and AJ Styles contract signing. I'm digging this Destination X main event. Jerry Lynn comes out?! Now RVD. How about a Four Corners match next week on Impact? Fans love it, and so do I! Gunner attacking Styles afterward was nice for the storyline. Their match is now!

A fun match between Styles and Gunner. I love it when Styles flies. He's one of the best in the business, that's for sure, and I'm not just talking Impact Wrestling, either. AJ is busted open. I like Gunner's F-5 finisher. Gunner gets 7 points for his pinfall win and takes over the BFG Series lead from Crimson!

ODB and Jackie featured on a video package. I'm definitely intrigued on how this will progress. Velvet Sky playing the face, stating how she's always been the smallest and had to overcome bullies.

Mexican America time. British Invasion comes out as the face tag team, backing the U.S. Brits insult Sarita and Rosita. Mexican America beats down British Invasion. Rob Terry comes out! Haven't seen the guy in months, and he's still freakin' jacked.

Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett in Mexico City, as part of their storyline with Angle. Meh, I'm not much for these non-wrestling segments.

OK, main event time with Sting and Steiner. Screw the main event intros. The match was not too great. Pretty weak showing here. A main event of four minutes? Seriously? Steiner didn't do too much here. Bully Ray comes down and Sting gets to him. But Anderson comes down and takes out Sting. Immortal picks up the scraps. Hogan comes down. Wait, it's Kurt Angle?! Um, sure. Fans loved it. Good storyline progression.

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