Friday, July 15, 2011

7/14/11 Impact

Bobby Roode vs. Samoa Joe vs. D'Angelo Dinero: **1/4

Austin Aries vs. Shannon Moore: **

Tara vs. Madison Rayne: *

Hernandez & Anarquia vs. Douglas Williams & Magnus: *1/2

Sting vs. Mr. Anderson (World Title): *3/4

Immortal starts off the show in a celebratory mood, dressed to the nines. Anderson in a flashy suit of his own, because he's Mr. Anderson, apparently. Vintage Joker Sting! Evil clowns in the rafters!

BFG Series match between Roode, Dinero, and Joe -- three guys without any points in the series so far. Nice DDT from Pope on Roode. Kinda thought that was it for a sec because it is a free TV match. Very nice finish to that one. Joe basically pins himself as he had the choke on Roode. Joe pissed, but maybe it's part of something bigger for him.

Apparently the Jarretts are back from Mexico with a bunch of souvenirs. Loved Karen putting the sombreros on Steiner and Bully Ray. Margarita time!

Abyss taken out by one of the evil clowns.

Devon's sons with Pope again. Devon don't like it. More feuding between the two? We'll see.

Austin Aries is now officially on the roster by winning his match at Destination X. Pretty good short match here. Might have only been a few minutes, but it was fast-paced and entertaining.

Steiner now taken out by an evil clown.

Knockouts match was predictable. Of course it would be Poison inside that box.

Angle promo was good. He's #1 contender and he has a history with both Anderson and Sting, so he'd have no problem going through either of them to become champion.

Evil clown gets to Jeff Jarrett.

I'm not a fan of the Mexican America name. Very generic name (no impact or intimidation factor in the name) and their promos aren't that great. Anarquia is annoying and basically says the same crap. At least British Invasion came down for the fast start. That was just a very lame finish. How is dropping an elbow (in breaking up a pin) supposed to help reverse things and get a three-count? Am I really supposed to believe that in this day and age? Enough with the Rosita interference. Pathetic.

Next week: Shelley vs. Kendrick for the X-Division title, Mickie vs. Velvet for the Knockouts title, RVD vs. Scott Steiner in a BFG series match, and Styles/Joe/Morgan/Gunner in a BFG series ladder match (winner gets 10 points).

Gunner gets taken out by all four evil clowns. Well, who didn't see that one coming after all that's transpired tonight? And of course, it was Fortune posing as the evil clowns.

I like the World Title belt. Simple and clean look. Liked Anderson getting the Scorpion Death Lock on Sting. Looked like a botched slingshot into the ropes. Nice with the Sting Mic Check to Anderson. Of course we got a ref bump and Anderson taps (because there's no ref). Bully Ray was the one guy Fortune didn't take out (contrary to what Fortune probably thought), so he's the one to bail Anderson out. Oh wait! Another evil clown! Bully Ray is taken out! Sting gets the Scorpion Death Drop on Anderson to be champ again. And who was the clown? You guessed it, it was Angle! Again, logical and predictable.

I'll say this, though. I hate all these constant title changes. It cheapens the value of the title. It's the reason why people have groaned and complained with the belts in WWE changing hands so frequently. TNA (or Impact or whatever) needs to stop being like WWE. Go back to the X-Division roots. Have quality matches. That six-sided ring was great stuff. Instead, it's just another wrestling show to me.

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