Friday, July 29, 2011

7/29/11 Smackdown

Christian vs. John Morrison: **

Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, & Tamina vs. Natalya, Kaitlyn, & AJ: 1/4*

Mark Henry vs. Bobby Howard: N/A

David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty vs .Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso (Tag Team Titles): 1/2*

Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs. Ezekiel Jackson: 1/2*

R-Truth vs. Randy Orton: **1/4

HHH opened the show. Christian faces Orton in a No Holds Barred match at SummerSlam, which already sounds damn good to me. But what the hell...R-Truth on Smackdown now? So HHH said Truth faces Orton tonight. Christian gets...John Morrison? Guess Morrison's been cleared to wrestle.

Wait...WTF, Zack Ryder on Smackdown? Guess the brand extension is moot -- not like it was really ever relevant the last few years anyway. Woohoo! Zack Ryder's been promoted to Teddy Long's assistant!

Liked the Morrison/Christian match...JoMo hasn't lost a step. But dammit, Coleis so freakin' annoying. He really needs to tone his character down big time. I wish Bobby Heenan could give him tips on how to act as a heel commentator.

Jinder Mahal buys a luxury box to watch the action? Sure, whatever.

Wade Barrett in the ring. Pretty much disses Daniel Bryan, so of course DB comes out to Cole's dismay. Nice punch from Barrett...connected real well. But of course, DB gets the upper hand. Cole is pissed. I hate Cole's guts.

I liked the video package on Gabriel and his return to South Africa. Really liked him comparing South Africa as a cross between Miami and the state of Colorado...mountains and beaches in one country. Pretty vivid imagery for me.

Divas match time. Respectable stuff between Natalya and Tamina, I'll say that. Finish looked botched. Doesn't surprise me.

Nice video package to hype Mark Henry's destruction of Big Show and Kane. Vader Bomb FTW! Kool-Aid Bomb! Yeah, he's still the Kool-Aid man to me. Welp, another squash for Henry tonight.

But wow, Sheamus as a potential face to feud with Henry? Interesting.

Tag match was a big letdown. Is this really how the tag titles will be defended? Geez. Same with the handicap match with Zeke vs. Cody/Ted.

I had no clue what the heck Jinder and Khali were saying. The main event was next anyway and basically served a purpose to show how Christian will need to be scared of Orton's "anger management" at SummerSlam. R-Truth just "got got," Little Jimmy! I wanted that table to break dammit! Seems like only the Spanish announce table would ever get broken these days...and even that's not a given anymore.

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