Friday, July 22, 2011

7/22/11 Smackdown

Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson: **

Daniel Bryan vs. Heath Slater: **1/4

Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett: *1/2

Randy Orton vs. Kane (Street Fight): ***3/4

Cold open to start the show...Orton in the ring for a promo to address both the Vince situation and the World Title picture. Orton wants his rematch, Christian doesn't want to give it to him. Orton eventually gets a few shots on Christian on the ramp. Sounds about right. Christian carried Zeke to a passable match there.

Loved it when a reluctant Cole interviewed Daniel Bryan in the ring. DB goofed though...he's not the first guy to tell people when he'd cash in MITB (guess they forgot about RVD at One Night Stand in 2006 vs. Cena). But Daniel Bryan is smart...wait until next year's Mania! Love that he will guarantee himself a main event spot. And Cole (his character) is so full of himself that he deserves to be treated with pisses me off. He's been getting X-Pac heat from me for the last few years anyway.

Good victory for Daniel Bryan. I like that they are giving DB a second submission finisher (guillotine choke). But dammit, I want to see Cattle Mutilation again!

I skipped over the Vince/Cena/HHH segment from RAW this time. Saw it already...didn't really feel like seeing it again.

Double countout for Barrett and Sheamus. Good hard-hitting brawl that carried over after the match.

Excellent street fight. Don't think Orton was supposed to step in that hole in the announce table (where the monitor normally is), but Orton basically did his best to make it like it was part of the act. Wow, Kane kicked out of the RKO...what the hell?! Punt...nope! Chokeslam from Kane...near fall! Damn this is awesome. RKO on the chair was great, although Orton hit the back of his neck on that chair too. Handshake after the match was unexpected, but I felt this made this match even better.

Oh, the handshake makes sense now! Because we can't forget about Mark Henry! He beats the crap outta Kane for heel heat and finishes it off with the Vader Bomb to the injured leg, just like he did to Show. Vader Bomb really getting over as a big move for Henry, much like the punt did for Orton. Kane established as more of a face with the handshake, Henry capitalizes on this and gets big heel heat for taking out the Big Red Monster.

Good way to end Smackdown, in my book.

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