Friday, July 15, 2011

7/15/11 Smackdown

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Ted DiBiase (IC Title): *1/4

Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan: **1/2

Sin Cara vs. Sheamus: *1/2

Kelly Kelly vs. Rosa Mendes: DUD

Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater: *

Randy Orton vs. Kane: 1/4*

Good opening segment with Orton and Christian. This storyline has really been done quite well.

Eden Stiles is a new ring announcer, apparently? She looks quite stunning. No surprise there.

IC Title match was OK. Pretty basic and formulaic match.

Rhodes and Bryan have another great match. I just wish Cole weren't so much of an ass on commentary.

Mahal and Khali bully some photographer. Yeah, real entertaining.

The Sin Cara/Sheamus match was just OK. Didn't seem like they had too much of a rhythm.

Face-off between Show and Henry was good for what it was. Lots of intensity, although I'm not so sure I'll be liking the match too much. Matches between two big men generally ends in disaster.

Divas match was a yawner. What are they calling that stinkface move from Kelly Kelly...a perfumeface? Who cares anyway.

Horrid Johnny Curtis segment.

Gabriel and Slater face off...former tag partners collide in WWE yet again. Not sure why Vince likes to split tag teams up so much. The best part of the match: Booker T mentioning "Booker T-bonics!" Slater's moonsault was kinda weird-looking.

I like how CM Punk has a look similar to Austin Aries. Just a random thought.

OK, who bet money out there that Christsian would come out during the Orton/Kane match? Yeah, I'm sure a lot of you did -- and you all woulda won too! Lame match because it was all about Christian getting on Orton's nerves.

Two days till the Money in the Bank PPV. Orton/Christian has been built up very well and should be the favorite for match of the night.

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