Friday, November 9, 2012

11/8/12 Superstars

Jimmy Uso vs. Jinder Mahal: **1/2

Justin Gabriel vs. Tensai: *1/2

Jimmy Uso and Jinder Mahal start the show. Jey Uso and Heath Slater accompany their respective tag partners. Jinder's now a class clown after being the serious Hindi guy previously. Fairly standard stuff with a little action on the outside. Nice counters into pinning predicaments in the latter stages of the match. Superkick and superfly splash gets three for Jimmy.

Just learned earlier that Drew McIntyre's mother passed away recently, my condolences to him and his family.

Replay of the AJ Scandal segment from RAW.

Next up is Gabriel and Tensai. Crowd clearly pro-Gabriel. Gabriel chucked off the top to the floor, and he holds his left ankle. Tensai with the methodical beatdown, several different moves. JG beat down for a while, but somehow gets a rollup for the win. Yet again confirming Tensai is buried in midcard status, the hype of those vignettes just all for naught.

"Fandango" video to hype Johnny Curtis' new gimmick. Only one "o" in Fandango. Wondering why I devoted three sentences in this post to this.

Show ends with the Brad Maddox explanation and Vince saying Maddox can have a million-dollar contract if he defeats Ryback on RAW next Monday. Again, you'll probably see some fluke countout or DQ win for Maddox.

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