Thursday, November 1, 2012

10/31/12 Main Event

Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, & Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio, Titus O'Neil, & Darren Young: ***1/4

Wade Barrett vs. Tyson Kidd: *1/4

Cole and JBL start the show at the announcing table, discussing the end of the Punk/Ryback match at Hell in a Cell. That "rogue ref" Brad Maddox faces some kind of inquiry from the board of directors, I guess? Back story on Maddox is that he tried to become a wrestler and failed, then AJ Lee hired Brad as an official when RAW went three hours.

Time for the six-man tag. Beware the kicks from Mysterio and Cara. And somehow, WWE "bans" Orton's punt? Nice logic. Cole mentions ADR never wore a mask in WWE. Heels work over Sin Cara. Pace picks up when Rey gets in. Heels do a great job to isolate Mysterio. Cara sets ADR up for 619, right into the RKO. Awesome finish.

Rey praises Orton. Sin Cara still with the Spanish promos, so Rey translates. They want to become tag champs. Orton says he made a statement tonight and that there's only one apex predator.

Primetime Players say they're the best tag team and vow to be the next tag champs. ADR says it's not over between him and Orton.

Barrett and Kidd square off to close the show. JBL wants to dress as Jim Ross for Halloween. Love it. Kidd on a roll, but runs into a right hand when attempting the suicide dive. Nostril pulling, right into the Souvenir for three.

Barrett on the mic after the match. He cuts a promo on Sheamus, so the Great White comes out. Sheamus has no problems with the English, but he doesn't like Barrett. Barrett says the feeling's mutual. Guess it's Sheamus and Barrett next week on Main Event. It's time to fight! Oh, and they're in England next week. Wade says he doesn't lose at home. Sheamus wants to fight now, but Wade retreats.

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