Saturday, November 3, 2012

11/2/12 Smackdown

Darren Young vs. Sin Cara: *1/2

Rey Mysterio vs. Titus O'Neil: *

Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton: **1/4

Great Khali vs. David Otunga: DUD

R-Truth vs. Justin Gabriel: *3/4

Big Show & Miz vs. Sheamus & Kofi Kingston: **1/2

We start things off with Miz TV. Guest is Sheamus, who basically says Miz didn't win his rematch against Kofi. Sheamus feels like kicking Miz in the face. Miz vows to regain his IC title, so Kofi comes out to say that won't happen. Show then comes to the party. Show refuses Sheamus' challenge. Kofi then backdrops Miz out of the ring.

Booker makes a match: ShoMiz face Kofi and Sheamus. Yeah, ShoMiz is back! Sorta.

Sin Cara up against D-Young in singles action. Rey and Titus are at ringside supporting their respective tag partners. Standard match that you'd expect from these guys. D-Young hits his gutbuster for three. Great, Titus has a whistle now. Where's Mr. Perfect's coach when you need him? Titus with the big mouth to call Rey out, and Mysterio has no problem with that.

Good laugh when Josh Mathews brought up how Rey retired JBL and JBL saying he was sick that night. Titus blocks the 619 thanks to D-Young distracting Rey. Three-point stance from Titus didn't work, and Rey rolled him up for three. Oops.

We get the main event segment from RAW: announcing Team Foley and Team Punk at Survivor Series. Should be a good one. I'd also look to see if Maddox gets put in as ref again -- or otherwise makes some type of appearance in the match (whether to cover for a fallen ref or just get involved for the hell of it).

No Eve tonight. Natalya wants to be the replacement. Otunga steps in, but Booker wants him to face a returning Khali. Dammit. Spit take! Poor Natalya -- and Teddy Long.

Next up is Orton and Barrett. Rubber match between the two. Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo at ringside as well. ADR tries to get the jump on Orton, and Ricardo helps out. Orton goes on with the match anyway. Wade unable to put Orton away with a number of moves. Randy with the usual signature comeback moves. ADR again with the distraction from the stage. Ricardo gets decked, but Barrett takes advantage and rolls up the Viper for three. Orton's pissed and looks for ADR. They brawl in the back by the catering area. Was that marinara sauce to Ricardo? Orton backdrops ADR through a table. Why does Matt Striker have to interview Orton right there? Orton introduces Striker's face to the dessert table. Yup.

Jerry Lawler returns to RAW in two weeks in Columbus. Real awesome news that he's recovered so quickly.

Otunga and Khali? Please shoot me that Khali's even back wrestling. Josh says Khali's hands are the size of laptops. Really?! Yes JBL, I'd say iPad minis. So stuff happens and Khali hits that overhand chop to the head for three. I lost brain cells. And please don't tell me Natalya will be having eyes for Khali. Yes, Khali has big hands.

R-Truth in a quick match with Justin Gabriel. JG mocked Truth's dancing pretty good there. Good counters and kicks from JG. JG misses his springboard move and Truth hits Little Jimmy for three.

More RAW footage highlighting the AJ Scandal. Still trying to figure out why the hell WWE would even bother to take TNA's Claire Lynch angle like that. Couldn't they have figured out a better way for Cena to feud with Ziggler?

Main event tag match time. Looks like Kofi and Miz start, then Show tags in. Sheamus tags in, so Show tags out. Sounds about right. Kofi with the early spark, but then the heels beat him down. Kofi with the hot tag to Sheamus. Sheamus goes to town on Miz. Kofi gets to work on Miz. Sheamus takes Show to the outside. Ref restrains Sheamus. Show with KO to Kofi and it's over.

Show pisses Sheamus off and Miz -- who stupidly kept celebrating in the ring -- eats a Brogue Kick. Making another statement there....

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