Saturday, November 17, 2012

11/16/12 Smackdown

Damien Sandow vs. Kofi Kingston: **

Layla, Kaitlyn, & Natalya vs. Eve Torres, Alicia Fox, & Aksana: *1/4

Randy Orton & Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio: **1/2

Wade Barrett vs. Kane: N/A

Antonio Cesaro vs. Sin Cara: *1/2

Big Show vs.Great Khali: 1/2*

Show takes place in Cleveland tonight. Sheamus waits for Big Show in the parking lot.

Miz TV starts it off. More evidence that Miz is becoming a face, as Chimel announces Miz as "Cleveland's own" to get the extra pop. "Miz is awesome" chants. He's even on the Survivor Series poster. Guest is Mick Foley. Foley questions which Miz shows up at Survivor Series. Foley calls all his team members out -- and each have had past feuds with Miz in some way. No team unity tonight. Hey, Orton with the thumbtack reference from 2004! Team Ziggler brings his team out to the stage. No Cody because he's nursing injuries from the Kane match on Main Event. Cody's status for Survivor Series uncertain as of Friday's show. More dysfunction on Team Ziggler. Del Rio says he should be the leader.

Sandow faces Kofi next. Sandow slowly showing me more moves. Decent match. Sandow with the rollup for three.

Six-diva tag match. At least they got more time here than on RAW. Layla slaps Aksana's ass and hits Aksana with her own ass. Really? Kaitlyn's getting hot tags now. Never would have believed it, but she's looking respectable in that ring. Kaitlyn knocks Alicia into Eve, then a reverse DDT gets three.

Booker tells Sheamus to wait 48 hours to get his hands on Big Show. Sheamus can't promise he'll restrain himself.

Ziggler/ADR vs. Orton/Miz next. Both teams seem to be well-oiled machines at this stuff, not surprising. Orton with the "shove tag" to Miz. Miz eats up the crowd pops. JBL says fans probably will turn on Miz like they did LeBron James. Ha. JBL rules. Miz gets worked over, then hot tag to Orton. Orton ready for the RKO, but Miz tags himself in. SCF for three as Orton looks pissed. RKO to Miz. Yup.

Sheamus to the ring for a serious promo. He doesn't want to wait until Sunday and wants Show now. Show on the stage saying he's scared of what he'll do to Sheamus. Sheamus doesn't care and wants to fight now. Booker ejects Sheamus. Show butters up to Booker afterward. Show gets a match tonight. No one's bigger than Big Show...right?

Barrett faces Kane. Team Ziggler storms the ring and the ref calls for the bell. Well, that was short. No rating. DB comes down, then Kofi and Orton. RKOs for Sandow and Ziggler.

Truth on commentary as Cesaro faces Sin Cara. Another average match here with the Sin Cara stuff. Cesaro with the Euro uppercut and Neutralizer for three. Truth wants to quote Hacksaw Jim Duggan, so the crowd naturally went "HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" But yeah, it's the "USA!" stuff Truth wanted.

So yeah, no one's bigger than Show, right? KHALI! DAMMIT, WHY?! No JBL, it's not a great idea. Khali's the one guy that moves slower than Big Show. Molasses in the ring. Show spear was cool, but only two. No chokeslam, Khali with the giant hand for two. No Punjabi Plunge. WMD for three.

Sheamus' music plays, but no Sheamus. Show walks to his bus. Poor Matt Striker nearly gets KO'd again. Sheamus waiting in the bus. Brawl time! Car windows and windshields busted. Multiple officials need to restrain Sheamus. 48 hours! End show.

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