Friday, November 16, 2012

11/15/12 Impact

Rob Van Dam vs. Kid Kash (X-Division Title): **1/4

Jesse vs. Eric Young: *3/4

Kurt Angle & Garett Bischoff vs. Devon & (unnamed Aces & Eights member): *1/2

Knockouts Battle Royal: *1/4

Bobby Roode vs. James Storm: ***

Three-man booth again. Taz, Keneley, and Tenay. Might be a permanent thing. I'm a fan of Keneley's work so far. He does a pretty damn good job.

James Storm starts the show thanking the people for getting him back to the #1 contender spot. Roode comes out. This feud will never end, will it? Roode with the bottle of beer. Storm slugs RR and RR bails. Storm wants to fight Bobby. He accepts, but only if Storm puts up the #1 contender spot. Storm eventually accepts.

Aces & Eights meeting. Doc has to give up his jacket despite what he did to Sting. Devon throws another dart, so I guess A&E has a new target to take out.

X-Division Title match between RVD and Kash, two veterans who should know each other pretty damn well. Kash showing the lucha stuff here, impressive. RVD with the monkey flip and five-star frog splash to win.

Hmm, what if ODB and Eric Youngboth win tonight? Lots of fried chicken and beer?

Angle seeks a tag partner. Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco make their cases, and Angle picks Garett. Angle says he has big plans for Wes.

Jesse and Eric Young next. Jesse with an impressive vertical on that dropkick. Helps to be in the ring with a ring veteran, doesn't it? EY drops the shorts and it's hulk-up Speedo time. ODB takes out Tara, but EY's distracted long enough for Jesse to get the upper hand. Tara then takes out ODB. Jesse with a jumping stunner for three.

Joseph Park still wants one more match with A&E. Hulk says no. Park somehow sees it that Hulk wants him to go to wrestling school. Good grief.

Magnus was to get ANOTHER TV Title shot? Didn't matter, because A&E took him out. Doc's there with ballpeen hammer and nukes both of Magnus' legs. Devon about to do the KO shot with the baseball bat, but Bully makes the save.

Aries says it's not over between him and Jeff Hardy. Great ladder match at the PPV. Massage time!

Angle and Bischoff face Devon and some large unnamed A&E member. Angle worked over here, and just as he starts the comeback, A&E members take out Bischoff. Wes Brisco races down with a lead pipe to scare A&E off. Angle with the low blow to that big A&E prospect and a rollup for three. Match was OK, I guess.

Knockout Battle Royal only has five ladies, and that's with Mickie James and Gail Kim back on the roster. Glad that Mickie's fine after docs discovered a benign tumor in Mickie. Tessmacher the first eliminated so there are two faces and two heels. Madison eliminated after ODB spits the liquid courage in her face. Gail tosses out ODB. Fitting that Mickie and Gail are the last two to make sure there's a fresh feud. Mickie sends Gail off the apron with a wheel kick to claim the #1 contender spot.

Looks like Doc was gonna get booted out of the group, but it was all a joke.

AJ Styles speaks out regarding what happened at Turning Point. Again, no World Title shot until BFG 2013. Tough year for him, that's for sure. He's not thankful for anything this year. Enter Daniels and Kaz to rub salt in the wound. Styles and Daniels one last time, date TBD. Can't complain after seeing the stuff they pull off.

Next week is Open Fight Night. Aries will call someone out. Also, all four previous winners of Gut Check return...finally.

Angle pitches Wes Brisco to be the next Gut Check contestant. Not a bad idea. I'd like to see what he brings to the table other than wielding a lead pipe.

Storm and Roode one more time in the main event. Borash with the main event intros. Roode removed the top turnbuckle pad early on. Roode works on Storm's left arm for several minutes. Storm and Roode with a bunch of back-and-forth offense in the last few minutes. Several near falls. RR with the crossface, but Storm to the ropes. Crowd gets behind Storm. Backstabber and codebreaker to Roode. Storm signals for Last Call. RR shoves the ref in front, then tosses Storm into the exposed steel turnbuckle ring. Rollup with the tights for three. Makes a bit more sense with Roode facing Hardy, but I just wonder why they didn't just have RR win at Turning Point. Keep it simple, dammit.

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