Sunday, November 25, 2012

11/23/12 Smackdown

Ryback vs. Darren Young: N/A (squash)

R-Truth vs. Antonio Cesaro: *1/4

Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara: **

Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan & Kane: **

Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow (IC Title): **1/2

Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton: **3/4

Miz TV starts the show, guest is John Cena. We see the AJ kiss and the tweaked knee. Cena says he's fine and ready to go. Cena liked that AJ kiss and she's a good kisser. Damn you, Cena. AJ comes out, and Ziggler. Sounds about right. Cena wins with the "we still can't prove Vickie is medically a woman" comment. Oh wait, there's another winner: one likes eating a lot of nuts and the other is still looking to find his. Nice opening skit.

Ryback's hungry. D-Young's the victim tonight. Titus then got nuked after that. Pretty much sums up those few minutes.

R-Truth gets his non-title win over Cesaro here. Wonder if that means Truth gets a title reign soon.

Sheamus gets to drink in a luxury suite, a title match at the PPV, and watch big Show compete in a handicap match against Team Hell No.

Alberto Del Rio faces Sin Cara. JBL thinks Ricardo is awesome. ADR controls much of the match, and Cara does his usual fancy moveset. ADR catches Cara on the top rope and slaps on the cross armbreaker for the submission win.

Vintage Daniel Bryan and Kane bickering. Kane says DB and Show should team up and be Team No Show. Vegan turkey for DB this year. DB invites Kane over for Christmas if they win tonight. Kane gets to beat up Santa Claus if so. YES.

Handicap match time. Team Hell No has to tag in and out. Regal and Sheamus watch from the luxury box. Show works over DB's left arm. Show misses a second-rope elbow. UFO sighting there. DB refuses to tag Kane in, but gets some submissions on Show. Kane finally gets in the match and does more damage. DB tags himself back in and Kane takes a walk. DB with the NO lock on but Show gets out and chokeslams DB to get three. Kane avoids the KO punch and Team Hell No get Show out of the ring.

Wade Barrett on commentary to watch the IC Title match. He's the #1 contender and faces the winner of this title match. Sandow's upped his physical offense. Kofi goes back to being the wildcat and hits all his signature moves to retain.

We see the end of RAW again with the Punk celebration and Ryback going through the announce table. Next week, Cole does an exclusive interview with Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose.

Orton and Ziggler in the main event. Ziggler takes a good beating, but then Ziggler tosses Orton into the announce table. Back and forth stuff. that top-rope superplex has to take a crapton out of Orton; he hits his damn head on the canvas quite hard. Hangman's DDT sets up an RKO, but Ziggler counters and rolls Orton up for three. Good stealing of a win there.

Ricardo gets in the ring and Orton hits the RKO. No ambush from Del Rio tonight. Cena then puts Ziggler in the STF on the stage. Four refs can't get Cena off Ziggler. End show. I assume a tag match some some kind happens next week.

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