Friday, November 2, 2012

11/1/12 Impact

Samoa Joe vs. Magnus: *3/4

Zema Ion vs. Christian York: **1/2

ODB vs. Jesse: 1/2*

Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie E: *3/4

Joey Ryan vs. Rob Van Dam: 1/2*

Devon vs. Bully Ray: N/A

TNA acknowledges the passing of Brad Armstrong before the show begins.

It's Open Fight Night again. Joseph Park in the ring to call out Aces & Eights. He challenges any member of A&E to a fight right now. A bunch of them come out and surround the ring Nexus style. They get in the ring, and Angle's music hits. A&E with the beatdown on Angle, but then Sting comes to help. A&E bails. Sting vows that at least one A&E member will get his mask ripped off.

Yeah, that Jesse guy from Big Brother has to face ODB tonight. But first, he needs to be sterilized. Next!

Magnus calls Samoa Joe out. Crowd says Joe will kill him. Magnus says Joe has a radio face, not meant for TV. I'm sure Joe's hurt by that. Joe with a quick pace to start. He dominates most of the match. Joe sends Magnus to the outside. Magnus grabs a wrench, rolls back in the ring, and decks an unsuspecting Joe with it. Ref calls for the DQ. You'd have to assume that was the plan all along.

Hulk says Angle will get whatever's left of Devon at the Turning Point PPV. Angle, Garett Bischoff, and Wes Brisco plan to rip some A&E masks off tonight.

Joe is pissed and wants Magnus at Turning Point. No rules. Joe's gonna kill you!

Daniels and Kaz promo. They accuse Hernandez and Chavo of being frauds. So naturally, Daniels and Kaz call out...Hector Guerrero and Willie Urbina (Spanish announce team). Vintage trash talking from the former world tag team champions of the world. Vintage cheap shots. Hernandez and Chavo with the save. Segment did its purpose.

Gut Check time for Christian York. He was on the first TNA PPV in 2002 but hasn't been back since for that "real" opportunity. Opponent is Zema Ion, and I approve of the choice. York chucks Zema's aerosol hair spray can. Easily the best Gut Check match I've seen. York had tons of energy and nearly scored a pinfall win. He had an array of impressive moves and kept up the offense. Nice to also get Zema's armbar submission over (called Submission Impossible). Give York a contract. That's an easy one for me.

Garett says he has Bully's back. Some guy says A&E is in the back. Brawling ensues. Devon taunts Bully and Bully goes after him. Sting, Angle, etc. get the best of A&E here.

ODB calls Jesse out. Tara is by his side. ODB with several slaps to the pecs. It's really as basic a match as you can make it. Jesse with a slam on ODB, so I guess if Spike has a ban on "can't hit women," it's taken to mean punches and kicks. ODB slaps Jesse's rear. Tara distracts ODB, and Jesse with the rollup for three. At least the fans liked it.

No Taz tonight; Borash joins Tenay for hour #2.

Both Robbies head to the ring. Nice matching sweaters. Robbie E calls out Jeff Hardy. Rob Terry gets involved behind the ref's back. Doesn't matter. Hardy comes back and hits Twist of Fate and Swanton for three. Not bad here.

Aries comes out, still holding the nice World Title, still proclaiming to be the greatest. Hardy challenges Aries to a ladder match at Turning Point. Sounds good to me! Give' em about 20-25 minutes and it should hit four stars.

So of all things Matt Morgan took from Hulk's vast collection of memorabilia, he has to swipe that robe? I personally don't care for the color, either. Matt coulda taken some title belts, but nope.

Hulk still doesn't tell James Storm or anyone else what this "idea" is. Yay cliffhangers.

Roode promo saying he got screwed out of getting a title shot against Hardy. AJ Styles comes out. He's been dealing with issues lately. ROFL, a shot at WWE's AJ Scandal! YES! The one time that TNA can say WWE stole one of their storylines -- and a horrible one at that. So anyway, it's Open Fight Night, so Styles calls Roode out. A couple of shots from each guy, but no match.

Hulk comes out. Triple threat match at Turning Point to be the #1 contender for the World Title. Styles, Roode, and Storm. Winner is #1 contender, but the person who gets pinned or submits gets NO title shot until next year's Bound for Glory. Ouch.

Morgan and Joey Ryan team up Morgan vows to make a huge impact. Joey calls RVD out. Real short match. RVD sets up for the frog splash, but Morgan pulls Joey out of the way. Rollup by Joey for three. Looks like he tried to hook the tights or get a foot on the ropes. RVD gets a couple kicks in on Joey, but carbon Footprint from Morgan. Didn't care for much of this.

Match booked for next week: Roode vs. AJ Styles

Bully a clearer babyface now, doing a shoutout for the people in the Northeast affected by Hurricane Sandy. Bully then calls Devon out. Devon plays keepaway, so Bully sets up a table in the ring. A bunch of A&E guys head to the ring, probably about 10 guys total. Bully fends them off with the chain. TNA guys come ou and we brawl again. A&E still with more guys, though. Bully finally gets Devon alone in the ring. Fans really shouting for the tables. One tall A&E guy chucks Bully outside. Joseph Park now wants some. While getting beat up, Park unmasks that tall guy. HI LUKE GALLOWS!

Tenay and Borash say they know the guy, but never mention a name. Gallows chokeslams Park through the table. End show. No official match between Bully and Devon, so no rating.

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