Thursday, November 8, 2012

11/7/12 Main Event

Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett: ***3/4

Heath Slater vs. R-Truth: *3/4

We're in Birmingham, England. Cole and Miz hype Sheamus and Barrett, which is next.

Speaking of show...Big Show comes out for commentary. They replay the cell phone video of Big Show starting a fight in a nearby pub with Sheamus and Regal. Gotta love the video packages for Barrett and Sheamus. Sheamus comes down and goes straight for Big Show. Refs gotta restrain everyone.

Match eventually starts. All of a sudden, Cole's grown a set and dares to question Show's actions when sitting right next to the giant. Nice to reference ShoMiz and the ironclad contract during all that. Barrett gets on offense and the crowd responds favorably. Crowd really pro-Barrett, while there are a few people still cheering for Sheamus (sounds like the kids). Barrett even gets on the padded barricade and delivers an elbow to Sheamus on the outside...huh?! Gotta milk the home crowd for all its worth. Cole still the antagonist with ShoMiz there. It's like he's poking two bears while sitting right in the middle.

Sheamus and Barrett make it through a second commercial break. Crowd hasn't let up on electricity. Sheamus builds momentum late in the match. Wade's back thrust mule kick is pretty damn cool, I must say. Celtic Cross countered, Bossman slam from Wade for two. Irish Curse gets two. Wade pulls Sheamus off the top and gets two. Tons of near falls here. Wade tries the flying elbow again but Sheamus gets the knees up. Sheamus with White Noise to Barrett. Show leaves ringside. Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick for three. I'd call it the best match on Main Event to date. Show with the applause on the stage, then still holds the title high.

Striker asks Show multiple times to comment on Sheamus and the title match. Show decks Striker with the WMD. Don't poke the bear too many times. Way to go.

Cole and Miz hype Ryback/Maddox for RAW. If Maddox can win against Ryback, he gets a million-dollar contract. Gotta have some type of countout or DQ finish, I'd reckon.

Slater and Truth in action. Again, Jinder's there, but no McIntyre. Cole says Drew's doing some booking, meeting with marketers and promoters, etc. I guess WWE also doesn't want the team getting cheered with Drew being from the UK. Truth with the comeback. Suplex-stunner from Truth, so Jinder decides it's wise to interfere and cause the DQ. Well, that ending sucked. Jinder with the Harley Race high knee to Truth. Smash Hit (impaler DDT) from Slater.

Featured match for Main Event next week: Tag Team Title match between Team Hell No and Team Rhodes Scholars. Should be a great one. Video package hyping the tag match ends the show.

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