Thursday, November 1, 2012

10/31/12 NXT

Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso vs. Michael McGillicutty & Johnny Curtis: *

Leo Kruger vs. Xavier Woods: *

Roman Reigns vs. CJ Parker: *1/4

Antonio Cesaro vs. Tyson Kidd (U.S. Title): **1/2

Usos square off against McGillicutty and Curtis. Curtis likes to gyrate like a male stripper, and MM is probably thinking "why the hell did I get paired up with this guy?" MM by default is the more serious and focused of the two. Jimmy off the top onto MM with the superfly splash for three. Basic stuff. Ascension music and theatrics start, and that tag team looks down on the Usos, ready to strike.

Xavier Woods has this funky disco gimmick. Leo Kruger has a decent entrance when coupled with his entrance video. Mat wrestling to start. Kruger with the vintage Mankind hair pulling. Ruthless aggression. Pretty slow match with Kruger on offense, but Woods shows a couple of nice moves. Woods misses a top-rope move, and Kruger hits his cutter-like finisher for three.

Saxton interviews Big E Langston. Nice gimmick to do a five-count. Big E with probably the WORST promo on the "number five" in WWE history. Right up with Eli Cottonwood and the mustache promo. Vickie interrupting was actually awesome. Vickie sees potential in Langston. Big E slaps his chalked-up hands in Vickie's face. Vintage Vickie screaming. The whole segment was a complete waste of my time.

Jinder still with the pre-3MB stuff here. He wants the NXT Title. Justin Gabriel interrupts. The fans seem to like Gabriel vs. Rollins. Drew McIntyre says it's reality check time (hi Miz!). Drew's still got the cast on his left hand and wants his title shot. Bo Dallas then says it's his turn. Dusty Rhodes comes out to a nice pop and sorts it all out. Fatal Four Way to be #1 contender. Well, that was easy.

CJ Parker battles newcomer Roman Reigns. Announcers really hype both guys as promising future stars. Roman is actually Joe Anoa'i, from that impressive wrestling family lineage. A former college football player at Georgia Tech, and he played in the NFL for a little bit. Touted as the complete package. Reigns with a finisher that starts as a side suplex, then Roman emphatically one-hand slams the guy like a Rock Bottom straight down in front. Kinda similar to Cena's slam that he uses right before the Five Knuckle Shuffle.

U.S. Title match on NXT? Cesaro battles Tyson Kidd. Pretty much the best match on the card by default. Nice to have Jim Ross call main events. Awesome chain mat wrestling at the start. Basically, don't blink here. Kidd with the impressive moveset, staying on Cesaro with everything he has. Cesaro catches Kidd with the Euro uppercut and Neutralizer for three. Nice match, wish it got five more minutes.

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