Wednesday, November 7, 2012

11/6/12 Super Smackdown (Live)

Kofi Kingston vs. Miz (IC Title): **3/4

Titus O'Neil & Darren Young vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara: *3/4

Sheamus & William Regal vs. Big Show & Wade Barrett: **1/2

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio (Falls Count Anywhere): ***3/4

Cole interviews Sheamus to start the show. Josh Mathews and JBL on commentary, and they mention a pub fight he and Regal had with Big Show. Vintage cell phone video! Sheamus praises Regal's career and feels Show stooped real low here. Show says he did Sheamus a favor by holding back, because he can KO Sheamus again. Sheamus says Show's full of it. Wade Barrett interrupts and questions Sheamus' sanity. Sheamus doesn't care and wants a fight.

Miz exercises his IC Title rematch clause against Kofi tonight. Kofi with the frenzied pace at the start. Kofi tweaks his left knee, so Miz spends time attacking that. Boomdrop hits, but no Trouble in Paradise. SCF countered into victory roll for two. Miz with half-crab, nice job. Fight on the top rope, but Kofi hits a high crosbody for three. Thought it'd go longer, but nice match.

Miz sticks out his hand for a handshake. Kofi doesn't believe him and dropkicks Miz out of the ring. Classy.

Time for the masked marvels to face the Primetime Players. Don't blink when Sin Cara is on offense. Rey gets the hot tag as Josh again brings up how Mysterio retired JBL. I'd love the retired life as well if I got to play golf and have a home in Bermuda. D-Young distracts Rey as he tries the 619. Sin Cara takes D-Young out, but Rey runs right into Clash of the Titus for three. Millions of dollars for these two!

Vickie tweets that she's been given more evidence in this AJ Scandal. Oh, she even has a typo in the hashtag (#CourgarInCharge).

Booker and Teddy Long business relationship is just fine. Teased tension but Booker was joking. Did a great job of it, too.

Regal gets a nice pop of his own here. Sheamus runs to the ring and we got a war. Barrett getting cheered against Sheamus. Rugged style between Regal and Barrett. Show then tees off on Regal and isolates him for several minutes. Regal with a running elbow to Barrett, leads to Sheamus hot tag. A few moves, but Show spears Sheamus. Regal tags in. Show no-sells the knee trembler and runs right into a KO punch for three.

Del Rio pulls the "he attacked me from behind" card with Orton. ADR vows to show people that he's the only apex predator in WWE.

The spelling for this new gimmick is now "Fandango" (without the extra "O" at the end).

Time for the Falls Count Anywhere match. Ricardo at ringside, a bigger factor now that this is a No DQ match. They do the vintage "fight in the crowd" spot and head to the backstage area. ADR gains control during the commercial break. Ricardo stays close to the action throughout. Orton hangman's DDT teased a couple of times -- once on the concrete -- but countered both times. More fighting in the crowd on the stairs. RR hands ADR a chair to use on Orton. Two chair shots get two. Second commercial break, and they're back in the ringside area. ADR grabs the big steel ringside steps and puts it in the ring. But hell, let's go to the stage! They've spent maybe less than two minutes in the ring so far. RR gets involved again, so Orton kicks him and beats him up in the red telephone booth. Superman's not coming out this time. Vintage Orton in the ring. ADR into the steel chair propped in the corner. Chair shot gets two. Nice to note that the ropes do NOT break the count on pinfalls. Orton goes through a table set up at ringside, but ADR only gets two. ADR trash talk to Orton. Cross armbreaker. Orton gets out by clocking ADR with the mic. Orton into the ringpost. Big steel steps positioned. ADR tries Orton's hangman's DDT on the chair, countered. ADR still tosses Orton into the steps. KO shot with the chair misses. Orton with an RKO on the steps for three. Awesome match.

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