Monday, November 7, 2011

11/7/11 RAW

John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler: **1/2

Mason Ryan vs. JTG: DUD

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston: 3/4*

Jack Swagger vs. Santino Marella: *

The Miz & R-Truth vs. John Cena & Zack Ryder: *3/4

Rock returns next week on RAW. In the meantime, Cena focuses on tonight in Liverpool! Awesome Truth comes out. Cena basically pegs Ryder as a future WWE Hall of Famer. At least Ryder is getting huge reactions from the crowd.

Ziggler and Morrison was good. Dolph doing the kip-ups now. Ziggler looked like he would do a crossface, but oh, we wouldn't want too many Benoit references now, would we? Whoa, Morrison won! Maybe he'll get a U.S. Title match in a few weeks.

Mason Ryan back in the UK! He even got a video package before the matchup! Guess JTG's jobbing tonight. Mason showed us a Masterlock moment, then finished off JTG with a Full Nelson slam. Sorry, Mason's offense is boring. If he can't even get much reaction in England, then that's really a bad sign.

Cena has over 9 million Facebook followers. Does that even matter?

Oh geez. Michael Cole Challenge put off for another week, and Cole with another lame fake TSA story about JR and BBQ sauce.

I gotta admit, Alberto comes out in some awesome cars. He faces Kofi tonight because Evan Bourne was suspended following his Wellness violation. WWE now using Google Plus? Sure, fine. Average match here...too short for me.

Punk and ADR promo segment. Ricardo basically gets thrown to the wolves again. I like the buildup for this match.

Santino and Swagger in a match. Santino with a nice pop coming out. Is Swagger's eye twitching gonna be part of a gimmick now?

Kelly Kelly in a smokin' dress tonight, and apparently she's gonna be on Maxim magazine. KK says she was just a kid when she came into WWE when she was 19. And frankly, she's still young. Only 24? Geez. Here comes Natalya and Beth. I must admit, Beth's right, there's more to being a WWE diva than being just a pretty face -- although apparently Vince didn't get that memo. Eve and Alicia come to KK's rescue and they unveil the cover. Woohoo.

WWE '12 comes out November 22. Looks good, although I haven't bought anything from the WWE series in ages.

Woohoo! Nash comes out to the nWo music! Nash is growing a full beard out, cool.

Brodus Clay video package. Good stuff there, but now I want to see this guy do more than participate in squash matches.

Time for the main event. R-Truth might have suffered some whiplash after getting thrown to the outside. that double Broski Boot (with Cena doing it to R-Truth) was awesome. Double Five Knuckle Shuffle! And of course, in order for Cena to lose, it has to be controversial. Can Cena just lose clean already dammit? Flat ending to a match that had its entertaining moments.

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