Friday, November 18, 2011

11/18/11 Smackdown

Dolph Ziggler vs. Sin Cara: *3/4

Mason Ryan vs. Jack Swagger: *1/4

Ted DiBiase vs. Derrick Bateman: *

Kofi Kingston vs. Hunico: *1/2

Beth Phoenix & Natalya vs. AJ & Kaitlyn: 1/4*

Randy Orton & Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett & Cody Rhodes: **1/4

So the first thing we get treated to...Daniel Bryan getting beat up by Mark Henry. Really? Sad panda. But you know, as I found out later in the show, it's not all bad. AJ got to be by his side.

Kudos that Dolph's working twice at Survivor Series. The guy's a workhorse. Pretty good showing here with Sin Cara, given the time constraints and shady finish. Holy crap, Ziggler went airborne thanks to Mason Ryan. Mason Ryan remains on a nice roll.

Woohoo Zack Ryder getting more people to sign the petition!

Christian really hobbling now thanks to his (legit) ankle injury. It's a shame because he really is a great entertainer -- and he can wrestle.

Whoa, wait, Derrick Bateman is on Smackdown? I'll give Cole credit, Maxine is attractive. But Cole's still annoying.

Note to Jinder Mahal...say things nice in a foreign language so you don't piss Big Show off.

OK match between Kofi and Hunico. Wish they got more time.

So in Cole's view, basically heels can talk trash, but if a face does it, it's an insult. Sounds about right. Holy crap, AJ got contorted in that sharpshooter at the end -- while Kaitlyn just stands on the apron looking like an idiot for not breaking the submission up. Even at the end, I sensed Kaitlyn would have jumped AJ or something. I'm not sure that was intended, but it might have been bad acting there.

Cody has new music (actually a remix of Smoke and Mirrors), a new entrance video, and no mask. Just when I was really into that whole "disfigured Cody" deal. But hey, I give the guy credit. He's really become a main-event-caliber star, and he's real cut now (lots of muscle definition). DQ finish thanks to Christian-terference. Good momentum for the faces as we head to Survivor Series.

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