Saturday, November 5, 2011

11/4/11 Smackdown

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes (Street Fight): ***1/2

Ted DiBiase vs. Tyson Kidd: 1/2*

Alicia Fox vs. Natalya: 1/4*

Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus: *1/2

Sin Cara vs. Epico: *1/4

Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry: *1/4

Started off the show with the street fight! Woohoo! Crowd was totally into it. Nice use of the baggers and the arena in general. Extremely physical. Tremendous stuff.

DiBiase/Kidd was OK. Problem was they only got like 2-3 minutes. Divas match after that got about the same time. Alicia Fox straightened her hair and is more dolled up now.

Big Show nukes Christian so Sheamus faces Barrett instead. Fitting Christian plays a factor in the outcome. Sheamus brawls with both Barrett and Christian.

Daniel Bryan and Big Show in the back. Big Show hands DB the MITB briefcase and says he may need it because Big Show is in DB's corner. How's that for temptation?

Sin Cara faces Epico here. And if his face looks familar, he should, since he's the cousin of Carlito and Primo. Took Hunico long enough to interfere.

Daniel Bryan is in the main event on Smackdown! Woohoo! And sure enough, Show KOs Henry and tries to get DB to cash in the briefcase. Henry nukes both of them before DB can cash it in. I liked how DB made it look like he was ready to cash it in. Teddy Long makes it official...Show and Henry one more time at Survivor Series!

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