Friday, November 25, 2011

11/24/11 Impact

Matt Morgan & Crimson vs. Hernandez & Anarquia (Tag Team Titles): 1/2*

Velvet Sky, Tara, & Miss Tessmacher vs. Angelina Love, Winter, & Madison Rayne: *1/2

Eric Young vs. Robbie E: N/A (I refuse to rate this thing)

Mr. Anderson, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, & Rob Van Dam vs. Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, Bully Ray, & Jeff Jarrett (Elimination): **1/4

TNA bleeps "ass" in Angle's promo...and then in Storm's promo? Give me a break. They've left worse words uncensored in the past. That was one HARD punch from Storm to Angle. Damn.

Tag title rematch starts off the wrestling portion of the show. Well, that was no contest. Bigger picture is the competitive nature between Morgan and Crimson.

I'm liking this mega-push of Gail Kim. See, at least one promotion was able to make her look good. Earl Hebner has the best job ever reffing this Knockouts Lingerie six-person tag match. Good job, Hebner, for not doing a damn thing when all six were in the ring. Faces with the win due to Mickie-terference. Not bad, really.

Jeff Jarrett comes out posing as Hardy. Leads to Hardy coming out and beating the snot outta JJ. Immortal to the rescue, but again, Anderson and company come out to save the day.!

Robbie E. beating up a stuffed turkey toy...really? No other comment, other than this was one of the weirdest segments of the year.

Finally, a REAL eight-man tag match, elimination style. Well, actually seven since Hardy was taken out before the match. Roode hangs out at the announce table and comes down to score the first fall, heel style, before blatantly getting DQ'd himself. It basically gets down to only Styles left on the faces side. All four guys down and Hardy enters! He quickly gets Daniels and Jarrett again. Good finish here. Roode gets the last laugh for now.

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