Friday, November 18, 2011

11/17/11 Impact

Robbie E vs. Devon (TV Title): DUD

Brian Kendrick & Jesse Sorensen vs. Austin Aries & Kid Kash: *1/2

10-Knockout Gauntlet: *1/4

Matt Morgan & Crimson vs. Hernandez & Anarquia (Tag Team Titles): ?

Garrett Bischoff vs. Gunner: 1/4*

Looks like we may have some possible feuds between Roode and members of Fortune. Heck, Daniels is also probably still involved with feuding with Fortune in some way as well. Having talented guys feud with each other seems like a good idea to me. Roode getting into it with Dixie Carter just adds more fuel to Roode's heel turn.

I love the Final Resolution match Sting made. 30-minute Iron Man match between Styles and Roode. I'd pay to see that.

What the hell kind of match was that TV title bout? Oh, right, it's free TV and TNA.

Sting's doing a heck of a job in his new role. I liked him making that tag match and praising Garrett Bischoff.

X-Division tag match was fine. Sorensen continues to show his agility. Aries showing his "smarts" or cowardice in not tagging in until he can get the upper hand. Guess we'll be seeing Kash and Aries going at it real soon.

Gauntlet match was a bunch of fairly quick mini-matches. Something tells me Tessmacher shouldn't do the stinkface anymore. Mickie v. Tara was the best of these mini-matches. Nice submission moves and counters. ODB looked like she hit the weights a little more and cut down slightly...looks good. Of course, Madison Rayne got the final draw, likely thanks to Karen Jarrett. Oh, and I wonder if Sarita is training for another bodybuilding competition. She's also majorly cut too -- especially noticeable when shooting the Mexican America backstage promo.

Speaking of Karen, she had a segment with Jeff Hardy. Not sure what to really think about this feud yet, but so far, so good for Hardy.

Tag match was quite predictable. Sarita and Rosita get involved (is there a tag match where they were NOT involved in some way?!) but to preserve Crimson's streak, it's a nice time for a tag title run.

You can tell Garrett is still green in the ring. But over time, he'll learn more to hone his craft. Gunner had to carry most (if not virtually all) of the match here, along with some help from Eric and Sting to keep the (short) match flowing as smoothly as possible. DDT was not the cleanest ever.

Good end segment. The TNA roster is deceivingly stacked. And with Angle back to feud with Storm, it'll be that much stronger.

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