Thursday, November 24, 2011

11/23/11 NXT

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Johnny Curtis: *

Jimmy Uso vs. JTG: *1/2

Tyler Reks & Darren Young vs. Percy Watson & Titus O'Neil: **

This whole "Curtis went on one date with Maxine" deal is just ridiculous to me. A bunch of Yoshi's chops weren't really on the money this time. He must have had a little off-night. Finish was pretty abrupt to me.

Oh, apparently Bateman and Maxine will be on Smackdown? Oh, lovely.

Usos play homage to their brethren Samoans that came before them. Hey, Umaga got a shoutout! Yes! So now Tamina is against the Usos after being alongside them for the first few months they were on TV. Not impressed with her mic work, honestly. Decent crowd reaction here, OK match.

Good main event here. Percy again showed his agility. I'm damn jealous of his vertical leap. Young on a bit of a roll here, taking out Titus for the second straight week.

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