Wednesday, August 10, 2011

8/9/11 NXT

Justin Gabriel vs. Tyson Kidd: ***3/4

Darren Young vs. Matt Striker: *1/2

Titus O'Neil vs. Derrick Bateman: *

Here are the official NXT rookie's records as of 8/9/11:
Titus O'Neil: 13-7
Darren Young: 8-14
Derrick Bateman: 3-2

Conor O'Brian: 6-6 (eliminated)
Lucky Cannon: 6-6 (eliminated)
Jacob Novak: 2-5 (eliminated)
Byron Saxton: 2-8 (eliminated)

WWE Redemption Points:
Titus O'Neil: 28 (Talk the Talk; Keg Carry; Arm Wrestling; Power of the Punch; King of the Hill; Talk the Talk Part 2; Talk the Talk Part 3; Dummy Demonstration)
Darren Young: 7 (Obstacle Course; Battle of the Mic)
Derrick Bateman: 0

Jacob Novak: 6 (Pull Through; Know Your Pro) (eliminated)
Byron Saxton: 4 (Trivia) (eliminated)
Conor O'Brian: 3 (Tag Team Turmoil) (eliminated)
Lucky Cannon: 0 (eliminated)

This Week's Challenge: None.

Striker was introducing another challenge, but Darren Young basically put an end to that. I'm happy Darren has taken that heel approach to not want to do any more challenges. Good opening promo from D-Young. Leads to a match between him and Striker. Don't think this will lead to any wrestling comeback from Striker, but it's nice to launch D-Young's career.

Justin Gabriel back on NXT to face someone. Are they that short on talent for NXT purposes that they have to pluck a talented dude (and NXT alum) from the main roster? Incredible match with Kidd, I must say. Gabriel with that skin the cat move and a corkscrew plancha...great stuff. Kidd with impressive stuff as well. Gabriel hit that 450 even though Kidd was probably further away from the corner than usual. Damn. The best NXT match I've ever seen. Period. See what happens when you give talented wrestlers time to shine?

Young and Striker also did quite well. D-Young with a Gory Bomb, so he did learn something from Chavo. D-Young has a nice finisher.

Bateman on his own, at least for now. I like it...will give him a chance to shine even more. Not that great of a match here, pretty average. Eh, I was looking at AJ the entire time anyway.

When the hell are they gonna announce the winner and/or eliminate someone? We've been at three guys for a while now.

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