Friday, August 19, 2011

8/19/11 Smackdown

Cody Rhodes vs. Ezekiel Jackson (IC Title): *

Justin Gabriel vs. Tyson Kidd: *3/4

Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan: ***1/4

Kelly Kelly & AJ vs. Natalya & Alicia Fox: *1/2

20-Man Over-the-Top Rope Battle Royal: **

I like Cody Rhodes interrupting the opening segment with Orton and Long. And DiBiase gets nuked again. Poor Ted. Cody rants. Long puts him in a title match. Sounds about right to me. Average match here.

More video packages on Justin Gabriel and his return to South Africa. Guess they really are trying to get him over as a face. Crowd is still sorta lukewarm on him. In the meantime,Tyson Kidd has had a stellar year so's just gone largely unnoticed by a bunch of people because guys like Orton, Christian, Punk, and even Cena have stolen the show. Not a bad match here. Wanted them to get more time, though.

Yeah! It's Del Rio time! Visiting Smackdown as the new WWE champ. Oh, it's Daniel Bryan! Cole is absolutely the most annoying during the Daniel Bryan matches. Good grief. Thank you, WWE. Give DB time in a match. Give Alberto lots of time. Loved this one. Sin Cara saves DB? Well, let's see if the new guy portraying Sin Cara will get a shot here to prove himself.

Divas match time. AJ got new ring gear. Natalya teams with Alicia Fox...wait a minute, no Beth, huh? No Divas of Doom just yet? Not a bad match here, especially for a divas match. Well, at least the point of Natalya teaming with Alicia was crystal clear by the post-match segment: Alicia was fed to the wolves in this one.

And it's battle royal time! Liked everyone going after Mark Henry early, but that didn't last long. Mark Henry got to nuke a lot of people in this one. Very good job to keep building Henry up. I think the ending was a bit improvised...felt the end was supposed to be Henry catching Sin Cara as Cara came from the top with a splash, but Henry couldn't hold on. A bit more time there before Henry took care of business, as predicted.

Not a bad show -- especially with Bryan/Del Rio leading the way tonight.

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