Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8/16/11 NXT

Tyson Kidd vs. JTG: *3/4

Darren Young vs. Matt Striker: **

Derrick Bateman vs. Titus O'Neil: *

Here are the official NXT rookie's records as of 8/16/11:
Titus O'Neil: 13-8
Darren Young: 9-14
Derrick Bateman: 4-2

Conor O'Brian: 6-6 (eliminated)
Lucky Cannon: 6-6 (eliminated)
Jacob Novak: 2-5 (eliminated)
Byron Saxton: 2-8 (eliminated)

WWE Redemption Points:
Titus O'Neil: 28 (Talk the Talk; Keg Carry; Arm Wrestling; Power of the Punch; King of the Hill; Talk the Talk Part 2; Talk the Talk Part 3; Dummy Demonstration)
Darren Young: 7 (Obstacle Course; Battle of the Mic)
Derrick Bateman: 0

Jacob Novak: 6 (Pull Through; Know Your Pro) (eliminated)
Byron Saxton: 4 (Trivia) (eliminated)
Conor O'Brian: 3 (Tag Team Turmoil) (eliminated)
Lucky Cannon: 0 (eliminated)

This Week's Challenge: None.

I shook my head at the opening segment. That's really all I have to say. Promise ring...a Ring Pop? Well...then again, thank you, Derrick Bateman. I'm digging the heel Bateman style. And damn, I love Maxine's new look.

Average match between JTG and Kidd. I was more interested about the Japanese symbol on the Tron. I guess Kidd's feud with Yoshi Tatsu is far from over.

Striker wrestles again! Very good showing here. Striker looked strong, D-Young looked good. Props to both.

Maxine's on-camera role now is to be Bateman's girlfriend. Hey, I'm all for it. Two more NXT diva alums get screen time, and it may get WWE fans to notice them for future purposes as well. Divas division is not necessarily strong anyway (and hasn't really been probably since Trish, Lita, and Victoria a.k.a. Tara were around in WWE). Average match here. Point was to reinforce Maxine's alliance with Bateman anyway.

The last part of NXT was a replay of the WWE Title match (Alberto/Mysterio) from RAW.

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