Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8/15/11 RAW

John Morrison vs. R-Truth (Falls Count Anywhere): *3/4

Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres vs. Brie Bella & Nikki Bella: 1/2*

Jack Swagger vs. Alex Riley: 1/4*

Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne vs. David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty: *1/4

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio (WWE Title): ***

I like R-Truth's remixed music. It's edgier, and Truth at least doesn't have to sing it. A decent Falls Count Anywhere match between Morrison and Truth. Spent a good amount of time on the outside. Liked the finish.

Divas tag match was OK for what it was, but I wasn't paying much attention. Liked Natalya and Beth coming out to the ramp in black clothing and "applauding" Kelly and Eve.

Nash comes out to no music. Longest-reigning WWE champ of the 90s (held that belt for around a year at one point). Nash basically is pinning HHH as the one to blame here. Punk comes out and says Nash is a liar. Loved the segment. Punk is so awesome on the mic. Good setup for a storyline between Punk/HHH & Nash, perhaps?

A-Ry in a match against Swagger while Ziggler and Vickie are on commentary. Basically King, Ziggler, and Vickie were taking verbal shots at each other while the match went on. Swagger and A-Ry botched that finish pretty badly...took three shots for Swagger to get A-Ry in that gutwrench powerbomb.

Tag match to show Kingston and Bourne off as a new tag team. Definitely a bunch of dynamic offense between those two. Not bad here.

WWE Title match time. Definitely a hot crowd for Mysterio in his hometown. Alberto went for Rey's mask at one point. Mysterio was definitely moving quite gingerly in the match, not as fast as he used to be. But man, he can still do the Asai moonsault...impressive. Liked the ending. Good stuff. And what would RAW be without even a cameo from Cena? Planting the seeds for Cena and Alberto to feud. Cena had a very good promo. Not kid-friendly at all. Loved that.

I read that referee Mike Chioda was suspended for 30 days for violating the Wellness Policy. Really? A ref violating the policy? I'm assuming it was just taking medication or something and Chioda didn't know that the medicine contained some banned substance. The guy's small, so I'm certain it's not one of those steroidal things.

Young Bucks got a tryout WWE match. Kings of Wrestling may also be on board. Bourne and Kingston may become a tag team as well. The future of the tag division -- once very dead in the water -- looks promising again.

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