Friday, August 5, 2011

8/5/11 Smackdown

Sheamus vs. The Great Khali: *1/2

Natalya vs. AJ: DUD

Daniel Bryan vs. Tyson Kidd: ***1/2 (edited 8/7; good grief, I had omitted a star from this...)

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Zack Ryder: *

Mark Henry vs. Vladimir Kozlov: N/A

David Otunga, Michael McGillicutty, & JTG vs. Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, & Trent Barreta: 1/2*

Christian & R-Truth vs. Randy Orton & John Morrison: ***

Sheamus somehow worked an average match with Khali. Props there.

Regarding the divas match, I like Natalya's heel turn. Natalya is better as a heel and will hope to elevate AJ and the other newcomer face divas.

Daniel Bryan got new music...I actually like this one better. Thank you, WWE, for giving Bryan and Kidd time to work a nice match.

Average match from Zeke/Ryder. Poor Zack gets to play jobber again.

Aksana dyed her hair black and looks damn fine. But seriously, can she even wrestle? Otherwise, she still resembles Trish Stratus only in appearance (somewhat).

And Mark Henry gets to destroy Kozlov in what would be Vlad's last match (WWE released him today). Of course, Mark hits that Vader Bomb on Vlad's leg. Kozlov oversold that leg, in my book. He flopped around way too much, like a violent fish out of water.

Six-man tag was OK, but my feed also didn't want to cooperate much.

Anyway, Johnny Curtis apparently debuts next week. Finally....

Main event was awesome. Crowd very much into it and lots of great action.

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