Friday, August 19, 2011

8/18/11 Impact

Scott Steiner vs. Devon: DUD (WTF?)

8-Man X-Division Gauntlet: **

Mickie James vs. ODB: *1/2

AJ Styles vs. Rob Van Dam: *3/4

Hernandez & Anarquia vs. James Storm & Bobby Roode (Tag Team Titles): *3/4

TNA is real high on Crimson, putting him in a feud with Kurt Angle. It automatically gives Crimson more prominence on TV because Angle has been that main eventer for years.

Sting opened the show with a bizarre entrance. We need not say again that Sting's crazy persona is entertaining and weird all at the same time. Whoa, Flair returns? Flair v. Sting. Flair wins, Sting retires forever. Guess we know who's winning this one.... And of course, Hogan is pissed because he knows Flair's losing and thus Sting will get Hogan.

BFG Series update: Bully Ray got 7 points over the weekend and got to second place. Steiner v. Devon tonight. Morgan says Devon has lost about 60 pounds. Not sure if I believe 60 pounds, but Devon has indeed lost some weight. By the way, that match sucked. Oh, I see. It's so Samoa Joe can beat him up and Pope can come out. I loved Joe's promo afterward. Lots of aggression in him, that's for sure.

X-Division gauntlet time. Don't blink here. Lots of fast-paced action. Very fun match. Lots of hard hitting, reversals, and flashy moves. But then again, Robbie loses in five seconds. Oops. Ion missed most of that 450 splash. Unfortunately, this match was also pretty short. Yeah, way to give eight talented guys only a blip of time. I did like the ending because it looked like Aries wouldn't have to do a damn thing, but at least they booked Sorensen to not just lay down for A-double. Nice short heel promo from Aries.

Knockouts time. Traci Brooks getting to be Knockout Law in the future again? I'd like that. ODB and Jackie come out to no music again. ODB with that kip-up is just damn impressive, especially with the...large chest she has. Interesting how Jackie didn't pull the heel tactics when she could have, and ODB obviously ends up losing. Jackie reluctantly shakes Mickie's hand again...also interesting.

BFG match again. Styles and RVD. Sounds so awesome on paper, huh? Spit chants at the start of this match. Impressive monkey flip from RVD on AJ. Lynn costs RVD another 10 points.

Flair sets a trap for Sting, but Sting takes Gunner out. Oops. Eric Young is still a part of weird segments. I don't care. Crimson/Angle promos. That was damn good. Crimson will be a big star at this rate.

Tag title match closes the show. Jarrett on commentary. So it took six people to beat Beer Money? Pathetic.

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