Friday, August 12, 2011

8/11/11 Impact

Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne: *

Brian Kendrick vs. Robbie E.: 1/2*

James Storm & Bobby Roode vs. Devon & D'Angelo Dinero vs. AJ Styles & Rob Van Dam: **

Tara & Miss Tessmacher vs. ODB & Jackie: *1/4

Crimson vs. Bully Ray vs. Scott Steiner vs. Gunner: *1/2

Opening segment was good. Bully Ray extending the olive branch to Anderson, Anderson remembers how he fell for that last time. Immortal beats Anderson down when Anderson doesn't accept the olive branch. And now Anderson is bloodied up.

Guess Mickie is OK after getting that mist sprayed in her eyes this past Sunday. No doubt Mickie is over with the crowd. Typical average, short match here.

Kendrick/Robbie was average at best. Why the hell was Cookie even allowed to be on the ring apron to use the spray anyway? The ref was looking right at it. Good grief man. Robbie and Cookie having differences? Oh, we wouldn't want them to split...that would be awful! (sarcasm...who cares anyway?)

BFG Series time. RVD slipped down the list because he got DQ'd recently...Crimson has a sizable lead now on James Storm. Guys like Pope, Steiner, and Joe are definitely out of the running (and of course, Morgan is also out of it due to injury). Beer Money faces Devon/Pope and AJ/RVD. Remember, only the guy getting the win (not the team) gets BFG Series points. So basically this could be viewed as a six-way match instead of three tag teams. More communication problems with Pope and Devon. Roode gets the win with a fisherman's suplex? Um, sure. Roode vaults into second place, ahead of his tag partner.

I like Daniels issuing the rematch between him and AJ for the next PPV. They obviously can pull off a four-star match, so whatever helps, I guess.

Angle promo was good. I like the simple TNA Heavyweight belt with blue lettering. At least I like it better than the Cena-influenced WWE Title. But really? Hogan is the informant? Angle and Hogan together? Now many face and heel turns are we gonna see? Good grief.

ODB and Jackie back on TV. Lovely. So is Miss Tessmacher gonna be called "Brooke Tessmacher" by everyone, or did Christy just mess up the intro? Match was good for what it was, although I didn't care for the finish very much. Tessmacher did OK with the hot tag.

Jeff Jarrett & Karen Jarrett with a Mexican endorsement? I was totally not buying this segment. Of course they bring out two guys who can't speak English and go apeshit on seeing Hector Guerrero.

I guess the "four-way" match between Crimson, Bully Ray, Steiner, and Gunner was made fairer so Crimson would at least have a shot from the start (have to tag in and out). Crimson obviously had to stay in the entire time -- don't want a Fingerpoke of Doom spot, right? Crimson with the win via a rollup? It does work here, given the circumstances. Angle getting a beatdown on Crimson to close the show reinforces Angle's heel turn well.

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