Friday, August 26, 2011

8/26/11 Smackdown (Bret = GM)

Christian vs. Daniel Bryan: ***

Wade Barrett vs. (jobber): N/A

Sin Cara vs. Heath Slater: *1/4

Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase: ***

Kelly Kelly vs. Tamina: 1/4*

Ezekiel Jackson vs. The Great Khali: *

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry: **1/4

Bret Hart is the GM tonight in Calgary! Woohoo! Super Smackdown next Tuesday! Christian weasels his way to getting a World Title rematch against Orton first, which irks Mark Henry. Henry gets the winner of that match.

Woohoo, Daniel Bryan on Smackdown to face Christian. DB is growing out that beard. Really love it when Bryan uses those kicks and knees.Helluva match. Back and forth stuff. Crowd really alive for it.

Barrett refuses to participate in his match against a jobber. Interesting.

So which Sin Cara shows up this week? A short spot-fest of a match here. Fun to watch, but Slater really didn't get much to do other than job here.

I really liked the Orton/DiBiase match. The go-home sequence was outstanding. Unfortunately, DiBiase is back in the doghouse. So much for the life coaching deal with Cody.

Divas match time. Obvious as to who would win this one.

Zeke vs. Khali...oh boy. Two big men usually doesn't bode well for a good match. Impressive with Zeke getting Khali in the Torture Rack. Miscommunication at the end with Khali and Mahal. Wondering if that will lead to something.

Again, I loved the new Mark Henry video package. Main event time! Loved the spot where Henry had Sheamus in the gorilla press, but Sheamus countered into a DDT. Countout win for Sheamus basically to allow Henry to get angry and nuke the Celtic Warrior post-match.

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