Friday, August 26, 2011

8/25/11 Impact

Velvet Sky, ODB, & Jackie vs. Angelina Love, Sarita, & Rosita: 3/4*

Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen: *1/4

Rob Van Dam vs. D'Angelo Dinero: *1/2

Bully Ray, Scott Steiner, & Gunner vs. AJ Styles, James Storm, & Bobby Roode (Falls Count Anywhere): **

Crimson vs. Kurt Angle: **3/4

Angle and Crimson with the war of words to start the show, then Immortal comes out. But Angle wants Crimson one-on-one. Love it.

Six-Knockout tag match was OK. So far, so good with ODB and Jackie abiding by the rules.

X-Division match time. Big letdown here with a heelish way to win.

BFG Series standings...Crimson still in the lead with 50 points. Final four go to No Surrender. But wow, now Devon is injured? Sucks. Samoa Joe has negative 10 points, good grief. And people think RVD was slipping down the list after Jerry Lynn kept costing him matches.

Pope vs. RVD. That was unique...a surfboard won the match. Nice submission win for RVD to get 10 points and get back to a tie for fourth. Heel Samoa Joe time to take out Pope! When Devon is in street clothes, it's even clearer he lost a lot of weight.

Well, Robbie E wants Rob Terry to be his bouncer. Two Robbies possibly teaming together, lovely.

Hogan saying Impact is a family show? Since when? WWE's a family show more than TNA's been. Sting's channeled his inner Goldust! Flair goes off the deep end. Expletives!

AJ/Daniels next week. This should be good.

We got another six-man BFG series tag because that's how we can get more people on the show (otherwise they will not get paid and gripe about it). At least it was Falls Count Anywhere. Remember, only the guy who gets the pin or submission gets BFG series points. Amused that they had three refs at ringside. Must note AJ seemed to tweak his knee on his somersault dive to the outside on Bully Ray. Bully Ray gets the 7 points! Mr. Anderson nukes Gunner and Steiner after the match. Bully Ray, you're next!

Crimson/Angle time. Main event intros and split chants early on. Great match here. Lots of intensity. Samoa Joe broke up a very nice match here.

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