Monday, August 22, 2011

8/22/11 RAW

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Morrison: **3/4

Eve Torres vs. Nikki Bella: 3/4*

Alex Riley vs. Jack Swagger: 1/4*

Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne vs. David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty (Tag Team Titles): *1/4

John Cena vs. CM Punk: ***1/2

First of all, I have recently gone back to school, so my reviews may be a heck of a lot shorter at times. It may even start reverting back to what I initially did (just rate each match without much commentary), although I will try to put some thought into PPV events.

A great opening match here. ADR and Morrison got a bunch of time to shine. A bunch of near falls and the crowd was into it.

Not much to write home about in the divasmatch. It was OK. Still setting the stage for the impending tag match between Kelly/Eve and Natalya/Beth, I guess?

Vickie Guerrero managing Jack Swagger now? I guess it could work out for Jack...he's been lost in the shuffle for a while now. Ziggler comes out unhappy, Vickie looks like she either got knocked down by accident or fell. Swagger turns his back and of course, Riley wins in about two minutes. Instant feud created between Ziggler and Swagger. Match was just meaningless otherwise.

Punk/HHH/Nash segment was awesome, especially Punk. Woohoo. I love it when Punk crosses the line.

Tag title match time. Pretty short here as well, but not bad a match. Crowd got hot at the end, at least.

John Lauranaitis continues to get screen time, this time telling HHH that Nash has been in a car accident. I guess whatever creates an explanation to get HHH off TV, right?

Hey, R-Truth in Canada? I thought he couldn't get into the country. Santino gets nuked by Miz and Truth anyway. Good heel promos from Truth and Miz.

Cena/Punk was great before the match even started. Cena's shirt got chucked back to him more than once, ha. Punk has really gotten Cena to do more chain wrestling at the start of the match, which could finally help put those "You can't wrestle!" chants to bed. I mean, if you can even be carried to such a match, that's better than what the vast majority of the population could do right now.

John Lauranaitis at ringside for the match coming back from the last commercial break...why am I not surprised he's out there? Wow, Cena broke out a crossface?! Damn. Punk hits the GTS and couldn't put Cena away, because this is Cena we're talking about here. Crowd was the hottest it was all night...a great showing here. Loved the Punk multiple elbows and the running knee. Of course, Nash reappears at the arena, showing it was all a ruse between Lauranaitis and Nash. Wanted to give it a higher rating if not for the Nash "interference." Lauranaitis trying to control Del Rio was pathetic.

A pretty good RAW this week.

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