Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pro Wrestling Talk Episode 2

On this episode of Spicochist Pro Wrestling Talk (SPWT), I touch on some of the top stories from the past week. Includes some discussion on the WWE and NXT Titles, Cameron's DUI, Claire Lynch, BFG Series, and Aces & Eights.

I hope to make these vlogs more of a regular thing, especially when it comes to PPV predictions. We have TNA No Surrender next Sunday and WWE Night of Champions the Sunday after that. The plan right now is to limit these Week in Reviews to when there is no PPV the following Sunday.

After listening to this particular video, I feel like I talked about too many topics and should limit this stuff to maybe three topics max. If there's any pro wrestling news I should talk more about, please comment and let me know. Please note that I barely have time to catch up on other promotions these days. Thanks!

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