Thursday, September 20, 2012

9/19/12 NXT

Trent Barreta vs. Johnny Curtis: *

Paige vs. Alicia Fox: *1/4

Conor O'Brian vs. Jimmy Uso: *1/4

Kassius Ohno vs. Oliver Gray: N/A (squash)

Seth Rollins vs. Rick Victor: *1/2

Trent Barreta finally returns to TV after a torn triceps injury kept him out for six months. Nothing's really changed for Johnny Curtis, still a lame gimmick (can we even call it that?) and not much progress. Crowd largely dead, have a feeling that they pumped some crowd reaction in. Gobstopper Knee gives Trent the win. Not horrible. It honestly looked better than the rating I gave it, but hard to get into it when the crowd isn't real alive.

Ha, Paige seems to be getting a larger reaction than Barreta or Curtis. Good mat wrestling from Paige, numerous pin attempts. Much more vocal crowd here. Alicia still only has like 3-4 moves. Paige with the win after that cradle DDT. Good finisher, nice agility from both divas.

Usos and Ascension continue their singles matches here. Jimmy and Conor square off. Hey Regal, you know why Jey's not doing anything to help Jimmy? Because the ref is watching and would DQ the Usos. So Jey eventually does try to help, ref distracted, Cameron trips Jimmy up. Duh. Conor with a running dropkick to the face for three. Sounds about right. Ascension also beat up Jimmy after the match. Making a statement, good job.

Looks like McGillicutty's next feud is with Bo Dallas. Sounds good to me.

Sparring session with Kassius Ohno. I think the jobber's name was Oliver Gray, something like that. Doesn't matter, does it? Some type of sit-down crossface hold makes Gray tap. Ohno gives him another shot. Ref restarts the match. Rolling elbow and that crossface move again. No rating. Richie Steamboat with the save, so I guess they ultimately will go at it.

Rollins and Victor in the main event. Jim Ross joins on commentary. Victor gets in most of the offense in the early going. Slow pace. Probably one of the best Blackouts delivered here. Seth gets the win after a short comeback. Just a basic match to put the champ over.

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