Friday, September 7, 2012

9/6/12 Impact

Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe: **3/4

Tara vs. Gail Kim: *1/2

Bully Ray vs. Rob Van Dam: **3/4

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (Tag Team Titles): ***1/4

It's the go-home show before No Surrender. Two final BFG Series matches to determine who joins James Storm in the final fatal-four-way of the BFG Series.

Storm in the lead with 73 points. Joe with 68, RVD and Bully with 55. Hardy's in sixth with 49. As a note, AJ Styles is actually in fifth with 50 points, but Styles already wrestled all his matches and thus cannot get into the top four. Actually, Joe's basically clinched a spot unless the whole negative points for being DQ'd still apply like last year.

Joe and Hardy start it off. If Joe wins, he clinches the top spot and gets to pick his No Surrender opponent (any of the other three guys still in the BFG Series). Storm watches in the back. Crowd very much behind Hardy throughout, but Joe gets chants as well. Very loud and enthusiastic crowd. What really surprised me was Hardy's armbar submission to get Joe to tap. Smart to target Joe's "injured" left arm (courtesy of Magnus). Something I've never seen Hardy utilize. It's worth noting that this gets Hardy 10 points and basically clinches a spot in the final four. Storm will be the overall leader and gets to pick his opponent.

Post-match, Magnus cuts the heel promo about Joe being the one screwing up their tag team endeavors. He wishes Joe the best in the BFG Series and then attacks him from behind.

Hulk has to figure out who gets a tag title shot. We got Chavo/Hernandez, the Robbies, and Kash/Gunner. AJ walks in solo and wants a tag title shot. Huh?! No partner? Hulk quickly eliminates AJ.

Tara and Tessmacher at No Surrender this Sunday. Teacher vs. student again. Look for Tessmacher to retain. This would make it one victory apiece, and rubber match could be at BFG. Brooke Hogan still referred to Tessmacher as "Brooke." Meanwhile, Gail complains and so she gets to face Tara next.

Taryn Terrell gets her usual mention, but I still don't care about that. New entrance video for Gail Kim. Looked like a grade-school kid wrote her English name, but hey, there's her Korean name in there, so at least that's cool. Tara with the Widow's Peak for three. Taryn seriously needs to improve her ref skills. I know Hebner gave her a crash course on it, but it's clear she's real green on this.

During the Knockouts match, Tenay mentioned Dave Batista, former WWE superstar who is now trying his hand at MMA. That show is on Spike TV, hence the plug.

History of Joey Ryan shown, from Gut Check to all the stunts from the crowd. They've probably signed him to something in real life, but for storyline purposes, it's just been the whole "disgruntled contestant keeps wanting to irk the judges" deal.

Al Snow calls out Joey to give him another shot. Ryan with his megaphone comes through the crowd. Snow basically says go through Gut Check and Joey gets his contract. Joey accepts, then realizes he must face Snow. Al slaps Joey and Joey bails. He threatens to sue Al. Typical.

Hogan cuts Kash/Gunner next. Sounds about right. Down to the Robbies and Chavo/Hernandez.

Bully and RVD in the last BFG Series match. Yup, two ECW alums who know each other well. Winner moves on, loser goes home. Lots of RVD kicks. RVD goes for the five-star, but Bully hits the cutter for three. Great finish, nice crowd reaction. Bully in, RVD out.

Final four in BFG standings after the round-robin matches: Storm with 73, Joe 68, Bully 62, Hardy 59. Then it's RVD with 55, AJ with 50, Angle 48, Anderson 47, Daniels 33, Magnus 28, Robbie E 12, Pope 7. Pope again couldn't finish the BFG Series due to a legit broken collarbone.

Aries gets to confront the guy (Mike from New York) who flapjacked him last week. He's obviously not talking so he gets some slaps to the face. Pliers to the teeth? Not yet. Hogan works a deal: Aries to face the A&E guy who busted his hand.

Storm promo. He calls out the other three guys and picks Bully Ray to face at No Surrender. So Joe faces Hardy in the other semi.

Magnus talks trash to RVD. Fight breaks out. Yup.

Chavo and Hernandez, no surprise, get the tag title shots. Team Tex-Mex. Holy crappity, this was great. Loved the Chavo hurricanrana to Hernandez so Hernandez ends up doing a senton bomb-like move on Daniels. Hernandez kept on flying even into the late stages of the match. Daniels with the title belt to Hernandez to escape.

Hogan then books a tag title match for No Surrender. Daniels/Kaz vs. Styles/Angle. Yes. Million times yes.

Aries will hand "Mike from New York" back if he gets to fight the A&E guy at No Surrender that tried to break his hand. Mike about to talk but the A&E armbreaker shows up. Armbreaker then nukes Mike with a ball-peen hammer to shut him up. Wow. Aries all over the big armbreaker guy and they brawl to end the show. Looks like they will fight at No Surrender.

Only four matches tonight? Well, the show didn't seem that much better, but it was far from horrible.

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