Saturday, September 15, 2012

9/14/12 Smackdown

Sin Cara vs. Miz: *1/2

Kane vs. Kofi Kingston: *

Randy Orton vs. Tensai: **

Kaitlyn vs. Beth Phoenix: *

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan: **1/2

We're in Ottawa for the last Smackdown before Night of Champions. Alberto, Ricardo, and Otunga are in the ring. Now both Ricardo and Otunga are wearing soft neck braces. Ricardo's been speaking a lot more English lately. Now Otunga blames AJ Lee for his "ruptured vertebrae."

Oh, there's Christian! Didn't realize he again had shoulder surgery; otherwise, I woulda pegged him to win that U.S. Title #1 contender battle royal at Night of Champions. Feel bad for the guy, because he's such a great performer. Christian finally agrees the Brogue Kick should stay banned and that's enough for Otunga.

Enter Daniel Bryan. The goat face has more words to ban the Brogue Kick. Oh, and DB faces Sheamus tonight! YES! "Goat face" chants are awesome. Sheamus arrives with some words to remember, names Danny and Berty, and rips Otunga's neck brace off. More damage to David's neck.

Miz and Sin Cara is the first match of the night. The usual formulaic match with heel taking control for most of the match. Cara gets back on offense and does a couple lucha moves. Not sure if the end was botched and then improvised, as Cara probably wanted to do that tilt-a-whirl faceplant to Miz instead of having to deal with a rollup.

IC Title match at Night of Champions is a Fatal Four Way: Miz defends against Cody Rhodes, Rey Mysterio, and Sin Cara. I'd quickly rule Mysterio and Cara out. Miz likely retains by picking the bones, most likely when Cody has the match won. I'd have Sin Cara be the one who's pinned here.

It's the stress ball for Kane and DB! Take out that anger! Yes, Dr. Shelby notices they have balls. Kane says his ball is bigger. ROFL. That's gold, Jerry! Gold!

Kane and Kofi in action next. Probably a bit more than a couple minutes long here, Kane victorious. Dr. Shelby on the stage. Kane with the goozle on Kofi again, and we have a hug! Kofi reaction priceless.

Next match is Orton and Tensai. I'd say it lasted around 10 minutes. Orton got his usual signature moves in. Sakamoto takes a punch from Orton. RKO to Tensai and that's it.

Vickie with words for Orton. Orton knows Ziggler's around and catches him trying for the sneak attack. Good stuff. Let Ziggler win on Sunday. The showoff deserves this push.

Antonio Cesaro doesn't like that a battle royal decides his U.S. Title opponent at Night of Champions. Word of the day is "outraged." Hey, Tyson Kidd gets a home country's welcome -- and gets tossed outside. Brodus Clay sans Funkadactyls comes out. He and Kidd take down Cesaro. I guess it's safe to say these are the two advertised favorites for that battle royal.

Wade Barrett with a short promo. Next week, I guess he nukes someone.

Kaitlyn faces Beth Phoenix next. Not bad here. Kaitlyn with a reverse DDT finisher to get the win. Good momentum for Kaitlyn this Sunday. Still not believing she'll walk out with the title, though.

They showed the entire end segment from RAW between Bret Hart, John Cena, and CM Punk. Outstanding stuff that laid out the foundation for the Punk/Cena feud this time around. Nice pop for Cena when he spoke French.

Sheamus and DB in the main event. DB lasted longer than 18 seconds here. Otunga, Ricardo, and Del Rio watching in the back. Guarantee that the crowd would be into this one. Another nice, physical match. DB attacks Sheamus' left arm. DB can't put Sheamus away, and DB gets livid. Keep thinking about that stress ball. No NO lock this time. Sheamus wins with the Cloverleaf; the move is getting some good screen time.

I dunno, I'm still pegging Del Rio to pull it out by cheating this Sunday. Expect a bunch of interference.

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