Friday, September 7, 2012

9/6/12 Superstars

Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel: **1/2

Layla vs. Natalya: 1/2*

Damien Sandow vs. Alex Riley: **

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Primo & Epico: **1/4

Cesaro's word of the day to speak in five languages is "exceptional." He faces Gabriel here in a good back-and-forth match. Cesaro targeted Gabriel's midsection for most of the match. Crowd chants "USA!" even though both guys are international guys. Match got a bunch of time. "Black Diamond" European uppercut (love the name) and Neutralizer win it for Cesaro.

Divas action between Layla and Natalya. Just shaking my head because the divas division has had potential to get better, yet management doesn't do it. You acquire Kharma and ultimately release her, then you acquire Sara Del Rey and she's basically behind the scenes, if anything. Beth Phoenix is on leave to grieve the loss of a loved one. Natalya's become a sideshow act (even after they thankfully got rid of the whole flatulence gimmick) and the champion (Layla) barely gets a reaction in most places. And now we're slapping Natalya's ass outside the ring. SMH. Oh, and a back kick won it for Layla.

Damien Sandow back on the mic. Have to admit, he's real good. A-Ry is more serious coming to the ring this time. Um, can you really score a 1595 on your SAT? Thought the points came in increments of 10 or something. Great match between these two. Neckbreaker wins it for Sandow.

Kofi and Truth face Primo and Epico in the main event. Typical tag match. Kofi got the hot tag here. Just gotta love how Kofi and Truth have connected with the WWE Universe. Made the match even better to watch. Rosa tries for the interference, but Trouble in Paradise wins it anyway to end the show.

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