Thursday, September 6, 2012

9/1/12 Saturday Morning Slam

Brodus Clay vs. Curt Hawkins: *

It's mostly a fun show with WWE superstars and divas breaking character to answer questions or otherwise interact with the WWE Universe a bit more.

As far as in-ring action goes, Josh Mathews is on commentary, joined by Santino for this one. Brodus faces a more normal-acting Curt Hawkins this week. Note that Cameron is there, as she has since been suspended by WWE for 15 days (DUI).

Remember he and Tyler Reks (who got his release from the company a couple weeks ago) did that weird dancing deal? Well, Hawkins tried to dance and do the worm during the match. Hawkins attacked Brodus' often-attacked left knee. A splash later, Brodus still wins. Funkadactyls go nuts. What would they do if Brodus actually won a title in WWE? Santino then joins the three in the ring to dance as well.

Superstar Spotlight this week is Rey Mysterio. He talks about why he started using "619" in WWE, his first WWE match, and more.


Red said...

Uhhh this is the second episode dude.

Aaron said...

Edited. Thanks for the correction, Red. Shows how much I've really been out of the loop. Wrestlers break kayfabe here for backstage segments, which is nice, but overall, I'm not sure if I'll continue recapping this one.

I finally saw the 411mania recap on the actual premiere (8/25). Seemed like that one had a better match.