Friday, September 14, 2012

9/12/12 NXT

Jey Uso vs. Kenneth Cameron: *1/2

Big E Langston vs. Chad Baxter: N/A (squash)

Damien Sandow vs. Garrett Dylan: 1/2*

Michael McGillicutty vs. Tyson Kidd: ***1/4

Singles action for Ascension and Uso members. Crowd really behind the Usos, but Cameron with too many restholds for my liking. Uso refuses to stay down, and a big kick gets three for Jey.

Big E Langston squashes Chad Baxter next. Not quite the NXT debut Baxter wanted. Basic power moves from Langston. Still love his finisher.

Kassius Ohno sparring session next week to show he's dangerous. Yay!

Trent Barreta returns next week. I found the video just plain weird, sorry.

Some guy named Garrett Dylan comes to the ring in country entrance music and no entrance video. He faces Sandow. Dylan doesn't want a lecture, but maybe he shoulda just taken that option. Sandow wins. You're welcome.

But now we get Michael McGillicutty and Tyson Kidd next, and the winner likely faces Rollins for the title. Crowd red hot for Kidd. They've had some very good matches in the past, and this one was no exception. Several near falls. MM using the Perfect Plex more often. MM with a hard-fought win here.

Rick Victor is quickly trying to make a statement of his own to get Rollins' title. Could be good, but I'd like to see more of Victor's in-ring stuff. Maybe we'll see that next week.

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