Thursday, February 23, 2012

2/23/12 Superstars

Michael McGillicutty vs. Alex Riley: **3/4

Tyler Reks vs. Mason Ryan: *1/4

Jinder Mahal vs. Justin Gabriel: **

So how is A-Ry a rare breed again? Yeah, I bet a bunch of you didn't know, either.

Pretty good between A-Ry and MM. Crowd was into it at times, while the middle segments were quite dead. MM does the somersault neck snap move just as well as his dad. Not a fan of MM's neckbreaker finisher. Everything else in the last few minutes was awesome.

Reks and Ryan battled. Mason's comeback offense didn't seem very impressive. But I was impressed Reks hit that gut-wrench twisting finisher thing on Ryan. Predictable heel cheating to win.

Main event was Jinder and Justin. Good mat wresting at the start, and Striker nicely pointed out the mat style is a stark contrast to what Gabriel usually does. Mahal slowed things down, which is nice strategy, but man, is it boring to watch.

Dammit Striker, don't talk about a dislocated kneecap on Mahal when it's clearly not so, especially after what legitimately happened to Wade Barrett's elbow on RAW. I liked Mahal's knee to the back, followed by the Camel Clutch. Or is it supposed to be a Punjabi Clutch?

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