Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2/13/12 RAW

Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston: **1/2

Big Show vs. Randy Orton: *3/4

R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler: 3/4*

Tamina vs. Brie Bella: N/A

CM Punk vs. The Miz: *3/4

Been busy on my end, and some of the coming days may not be so kind, either. Anyway....

What the hell? A debate starts the show off? Well, at least there are a lot of pops, especially for Punk. Did Punk say snickelfritz or something about Laurinaitis? New word! Woohoo! R-Truth rules. Spider Stew! I think that would be the most epic presidential speech in history. Jericho and neophytes! HA, Punk disses Jericho with the Dancing with the Stars reference! Truth is nuts, but he's awesome. Trouble in Paradise to Jericho. Good start to the show.

Great match between Kofi and Jericho. Back-and-forth stuff, and Codebreaker wins it.

HBK's in the building! Woohoo HBK and HHH backstage.

Zack Ryder is now in a wheelchair and a firm neck brace. Poor Zack, going from U.S. champ to this. I wouldn't necessarily call it a de-pushing, since he's been featured on RAW and all that, but it's just crappy to see him in this storyline with Eve and playing this injured person.

Otunga seemingly going with possible wrongdoings on Smackdown and Teddy Long? Hmm....

Big Show got involved with Orton's match, giving Daniel Bryan a DQ win. Brawl ensued between Show and Orton. And woohoo DB's on the show again! Cole's now saying DB's "wonderful" and a "tremendous champion" when DB's right next to him. What a suckup. Orton and DB in a rematch this Friday on Smackdown. Naturally, Cole picks DB. Ha.

Action spills to the announce table. Nice massive hangman's DDT from Orton, didn't think he could pull that one off. DB looks impressed. But damn, that had to be one of the worst-looking RKOs ever. So basically, they do it again. DB interferes and takes out both guys.

UPDATE 2/14/12: Reading reports that Orton is legit hurt and out of the chamber this Sunday. Mark Henry could take Orton's place.

HBK time! HHH reiterates that he won't face Taker this year. HBK just eggs him on to accept the challenge. Ohhh, Stephanie reference and being a corporate sellout! HBK and HHH back and forth. Listen to their passion. The power in their voice. This was outstanding. Gongs! Video afterward from last years WM. "Give me what is mine...immortality." Wow.

Troy Polamalu sighting! Also, Cena and Kane later tonight.

Ziggler and Truth now. Truth caught Ziggler showing off. Oops.

I'll pass on Santino's garlic love potion #9...or #10.

Beth at ringside as Tamina is in action. Beth and Tamina at the chamber PPV. I'm still thinking Beth wins,but barely. Payoff should be at WM in a rematch. Please, none of this 300-diva battle royales. Brie's in action tonight. No TV entrances for either diva. Quick match ends with the superfly splash. And now Justin Roberts calls her Tamina Snuka.

Boots to Asses! Rock video. He's on all the talk shows, promoting his movie and WM. Good advertising for WWE. Gotta love it.

Cena's with Josh Mathews. Eve's getting in the ambulance because Kane likely forced her there? So...Kane gets in the ambulance, and Eve gets out right before Kane takes off. Vintage sirens! OH DAMN, Eve kisses Cena. AHAHAHA, Zack's right there! RUH ROH! BURN! Eve just wants to be friends with Ryder. Could be a good storyline for Zack after all! Kane has done well.

"Poor Zack" was trending on Twitter. Wow.

Punk and Miz match. Yup, Punk faces the same guy Alberto Del Rio legitimately hates. Not bad here. Good to show Punk winning by submission. More importantly, it shows that Punk and Jericho have more than one way to win a match.

Cena calls out Kane to end the show. "Cena sucks" chants. Eve kissing reference. Wow. "We all hate you!" from the crowd. Cena will still rise above hate. Here comes Ryder on crutches. Cena extends olive branch, and Ryder swipes it away. Slap to Cena! Ryder tries again, Cena blocks it, and Ryder goes down. Cena really didn't do much there. Kane vowsto win the ambulance match. And there's Kane to push Ryder off the stage! Cena even flashed that "X" sign when someone's legit hurt. Eve's there as well. Geez, how many weeks now has Zack left on a stretcher? Is that a record? End show.

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