Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2/21/12 Smackdown (Live)

Sheamus vs. The Miz: *3/4

Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston & R-Truth: *

Drew McIntyre vs. Great Khali: N/A (lame...)

Big Show vs. Mark Henry: *

David Otunga vs. Ezekiel Jackson: 1/4*

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan: ***3/4

First of all, best wishes to Wade Barrett for a speedy recovery. I watched the injury unfold again, and it's a shame. Pretty sure it could have easily been avoided. Use the other side (with the entrance ramp) so you got more room. The announce table was in the way, Show threw Ziggler too far, and Dolph nearly got seriously hurt there. In fact, I initially feared it was DZ with the huge injury and not Wade. Wade's injury could speed up the returns of Mark Henry and Christian to WWE TV.

I wonder if they'll have a new DB shirt with "Yes! Yes! Yes!" on it. Crowd chants for Punk while DB talks about Sheamus. I loved Miz coming out to interrupt DB. Now Miz obviously says he knew all along DB would become champ. I'm not sure I'd like to see a tag team with Miz and DB.

When Sheamus came out, he took Miz's mic (with the upside down WWE logo). Oops. DB with the bitchslap on Sheamus and hightails it. Helps ignite the feud a little more. In the meantime, Sheamus took care of Miz. Yup, Miz is in the doghouse. It may not be the biggest freefall from the previous year (main eventing WM 27), but still unfortunate. Hopefully Miz turns things around (apparently, his attitude backstage is not the best).

I'm laughing now that Cole has jumped on the DB bandwagon. Good match with Miz. Celtic Cross wins it. Sheamus getting Finlay's old finisher over as a lethal move. Love that. Having a lot of go-to moves or huge impact moves is great for main eventers. Multiple ways to win, longer matches, etc.

Aksana and Teddy in the back. No more elbow drops for Aksana, please.

Tag match next. Kofi and Truth now teaming together? Shall we wish Evan Bourne the best in his future endeavors right now? And no Cole, you have made more than one mistake in the last year. Is Vickie OK? Yes Cole, Vickie is fine. She has cushion to break her fall. Relatively short match. Understandable here since everyone here has wrestled a lot in the last three days.

Ron Simmons going into the WWE Hall of Fame. Love it.

Santino with cobra target practice. Yes, that was Eugene's old music. Poor Heath Slater. Now we're introduced to a "spitting" cobra. This a new spin on green mist?

Oh good grief. McIntyre against Khali. This was what, 30 seconds tops? Please put Khali in a permanent non-wrestling role. He's good for promotional purposes, but he sucks in the ring.

Big Show has a you-know-what list! Vintage angry Big Show!

I like Mark Henry's entrance. Camera looks down the ramp so it gets the back of Henry's shirt and makes Mark look more larger than life. Match was slow, and Mark did lots of trash talking. Cody came out to interrupt this one and showed the sumo match where Show faced Akebono. Henry with a bodyslam and splash but Show kicked out. Thought it was actually over right there. Show with WMD and went after Cody. So...a no-contest now? Awkward end, but it works in the long run.

Lilian botched Otunga's entrance, oops. Not the first time Lilian messed up, but hey, she's beautiful and worked in WWE over 10 years. I'd rather listen to her than Cole any day.

Filler match here. What the hell did Zeke do to lose to Otunga two days in a row? If it was a bodybuilding contest, Otunga may score some points. He didn't learn that from Cole or Laurinaitis, that's for sure.

Video package on Eve's heel turn. Cena was really on his "A" game last night.

Punk can seriously do a killer impression of Laurinaitis' voice. Big win.

OK, like I said a few weeks ago, can Punk and Bryan go at it every week? Let them wrestle the entire show. Yet again, these two got time. Can't argue with that. Crowd was hot for this one all the way. Nice chain wrestling at the start. DB attacked Punk's left arm. Great selling from Mr. Straight Edge. Nice backbreaker out of the rest hold by Punk. Sheamus blatantly interfered in front of the ref, yet no DQ? Big kick to DB and Punk gets three. Hold the phone. Laurinaitis says match continues. So much for "ref's decision is final," eh? Such arbitrariness in using that. Physicality on the outside, DB cheats with the ropes to win. Hold the phone again! Long comes out and asks the match to restart on that "injustice." Cole now livid, duh.

The intertwining of this GM feud was a nice way to extend the proceedings. Actually a good shot of Laurinaitis on the comfy announcer's chair and Long on a regular steel chair. Watch people make a huge deal out of that and call racism. #SMH

Big kicks and outstanding counters from Punk and Bryan. This proves you don't need to innovate moves to keep people interested. I loved the double pin spot. A very enjoyable match, and the "restarts" made sense from the GM storyline standpoint. I still prefer the one from two weeks ago because the restarts still admittedly affected the flow of the overall match.

ROFL. Oh man, Laurinaitis and Long really made me laugh with their post-match argument on who won. The jackets came off! It's gotta be the most animated I've seen Johnny yet.

Anyway, see what the independent circuit can bring? Yeah, you get amazing finds like these two. Can we call for Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif now? Perhaps then we can seriously have a Divas division. WWE already got Kharma, so that's a start.

Punk and Chris Brown having a war of words online. Honestly, I don't care about that. I get that whole Brown assault on Rihanna deal from a few years ago. It's in the damn past. Let sleeping dogs lie already.

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