Friday, February 10, 2012

2/10/12 Smackdown

Great Khali vs. Jinder Mahal: 1/2*

Beth Phoenix vs. Alicia Fox: N/A

Sheamus & Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett: *3/4

Ted DiBiase vs. Hunico: *

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton: ***

Sheamus promo about his Royal Rumble win. Nice way to incorporate anti-bullying and how he came to be a star in the WWE. Barrett, Cody, and Show come out to state their case for being the favorite to win the World title.

Ooh, BURN. Big Show's bad WM record put on full display. I's bad enough to be the reverse Undertaker and lose even in a sumo match, but to say Snooki had a more successful WM, ouch. Show was like..."who?" Ha.

Well, I guess Jinder has more of a reason to be on TV now that Khali's back on TV. For some reason, I miss Ranjin Singh. Khali chops hurt like hell. Short, basic semi-squash.

Aw, Daniel Bryan didn't get invited to the Teddy Long BBQ! Don't worry, I ate any meat that woulda been saved for DB anyway.

HBK appears on RAW in a couple days! Woohoo!

Glamazon's been squashing everyone and making bold claims. Alicia got nuked in about a minute. Whatever happened to Fox's push? Remember when she was actually winning matches for a short time? For Beth, two people remain. First up, Tamina. Nice push for the Warrior Princess. I think it's best for Beth to retain right now, but give this match about 7-8 minutes. Make Tamina go down fighting and have Beth win by a rollup or a cheap heel tactic. Would be win-win for all parties. Make a rematch at WM 28, where Tamina wins the title. Tamina can then have a respectable run with the belt.

Who does Beth go on to face? How about Kharma? She'd be the other person Beth didn't destroy yet. I'm assuming Kharma's just off TV mainly to get back in ring shape and spend a little more time with her newborn baby. Should be a good feud between two powerhouse divas. When was the last time that happened?

Another theory would be to turn Kharma back heel and have her feud with Tamina afterward. Probably a more likely scenario, since heel divas may be running a bit low if WWE wants Natalya to go face with her farting gimmick.

Speaking of Nattie, she gets a backstage segment with Tyson Kidd. They must love working together again. Nattie was talking about talking too much when nervous, and Tyson was referencing the farting. Yup, the fart came out. Whomever thought of this one should be taken to the woodshed. It's appalling. Get Natalya over for her wrestling, not some crapola flatulence. Way to destroy a good Hart pedigree, folks.

But wow. Hornswoggle's reaction to the fart. ROFL. The comic relief is a positive, at least. WWE's got the right people on each roster. Santino, now Hornswoggle.

Time for the tag match. I do not want to experience chops from Big Show. I liked the high-low move from Cody and Wade on Big Show. Need to see more of that double-team move on a larger man. Show kicked out of that Beautiful Disaster kick, wow. Way to cheapen the move. At least have Sheamus come in to break it up. Nice aggression from Sheamus after the hot tag. OW, Show speared Cody big time. Brogue Kick ended it.

Cole is out to interview AJ. AJ tries to cut the face promo, while Cole tries to get his usual heel heat. AJ tries to defend Big Show while still loving DB. Ha, and then she goes after Cole. Nice tactic to get face pops! She defends a heel (Daniel Bryan) and still gets cheered because it's Cole she's attacking. Attitude from AJ! She's not finished! Cole fires back. DB looks like more of a tweener in this one, neither full face nor full heel. Aw, DB went on a hike. Hey now, I didn't drink beer or eat meat during the Super Bowl! I ate my protein products before and after the game!

Oh, they're leaving in a Prius! Hey, that's a kickass car! That's likely my next vehicle when my current one hits the crapper. Since I'm also a poor panda, I'll have to get a used one....

But this screenshot is kickass. Check out the sign in the background. Unleash the Dragon! As in the American Dragon!

Teddy Long says if DB leaves the building, he loses the title. Since when did Teddy Long grow a spine? Remember when DB said how AJ would mean more to him than the title? Decisions!

Good aggression from Ted and Hunico. Hunico attacked Ted's broken wrist. WTF, a rollup pin out of nowhere? Cheap win for Ted. Lame, but at least it makes sense.

The story on Laurinaitis getting retained as RAW interim GM got more pageviews than any story in recent history. So what's the meaning of the word "recent" anyway? A week? #smh

DB video package -- and Cole actually said "Daniel Bryan is the real deal" in that one! Wow, what lengths did the video team have to go through to nab that quotation?

Big Show on commentary for DB/Orton. What can I say...another extremely solid performance. Oh snap, DB tried a Benoit headbutt and missed! Lots of counters. Loved the spot of a slingshot over the top rope, back into an Orton hangman's DDT. Very nice. DB wants to leave with his title, provokes Show, and gets a DQ win. Orton's pissed and the two faces brawl. DB walks away in pain, but smiling. Good ending.

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