Friday, February 24, 2012

2/23/12 Impact

Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. Matt Morgan & Crimson (Tag Team Titles): *1/4

Zema Ion vs. Alex Shelley: *3/4

Gail Kim vs. ODB: N/A (failed to watch)

Robbie E vs. AJ Styles (TV Title): *3/4

Kurt Angle & Bully Ray vs. James Storm & Jeff Hardy (No DQ): **3/4

Roode out for the opening promo and Sting's tweet "I'm done" is addressed. Good teaser for Sting's promo later to address the situation.

Crimson is still billed as undefeated because Morgan was the one getting pinned in their tag losses. Nice predictable technicality. Good hot tag to Morgan; crowd got into the match. Again, communication issues with Morgan and Crimson lead to the champs retaining. So how long more until Morgan and Crimson actually feud again?

Brandon Jacobs even gets his own music coming out to the ring? How nice of TNA. So Eli Manning gets to go to Disney World, and Jacobs gets Impact Wrestling? I think I'll go with Brandon on this one. He calls out Bully Ray. Oh no, not Bully's calves! Intimidating! Sure, leave it to a football player to get the biggest pop of the night so far. These Impact fans are so deprived. Looks like Storm and Hardy have a plan to let Jacobs get to Bully later.

I'm sure Zema Ion legitimately feels bad he injured Sorensen. But it could seriously do wonders for his heel act. I wonder if that's really hair spray, or if they filled the can somehow with water. Not that it matters. Aries enjoying the action with popcorn and a drink. Way to stick a can of hair spray in your pants, Mr. Ion. Cheating gets him the win in a rather short match.

I didn't see the match between Gail Kim and ODB. It was non-title and Gail won. I'm sure ODB slapped her boobs a bunch. And I'm sure Eric Young was somewhere on the outside making an ass of himself.

Video on Jesse Sorensen. Thoughts from his mom shown as well. Hoping for a speedy recovery for this guy. Very talented.

Hey, this is a way to get Robbie over as a somewhat legit champ...have him actually face quality talent in AJ Styles with the title on the line. And you know Daniels and Kaz will interfere somehow. Robbie got some nice offense in for a change, instead of having some slow, boring segments. AJ with a short comeback before Kaz and Daniels come out on cue.

But this time, Kaz looks serious and pissed. He takes AJ and throws him into the post. DQ win for Styles but no title. Daniels looks perplexed as Kaz walks to the back. Interesting twist.

The main event tag match is no DQ, so it'll be easier to get Jacobs involved. Borash does quick intros, except Bully who introduces himself. Strong match here. Meanwhile, Styles is livid about what happened? You don't say?

Good hot tag to Storm. Hardy also involved. Bully wants a table. Faces get the table Angle eats a Last Call superkick. Jacob senters the ring. Three-point stance! Love this. And Brandon Jacobs delivered one of the best chokeslams ever. Seriously. Thank Bully for that one. Nice finish.

Sting starts his promo, then Roode comes out. As expected, Sting's not legitimately done. He's just gonna become a wrestler again to kick Roode's ass at Victory Road. Vintage Sting face paint! Kick to Roode's nuts. Nice way to end this episode.

And that's a wrap for now, folks. I'll be too busy with exams most of next week to update then, but I'll return by next Friday and likely use next weekend to catch up on the latest.

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