Thursday, February 2, 2012

2/1/12 NXT

Tyson Kidd vs. Trent Barreta: *1/4

Alicia Fox vs. Maxine: N/A (WTF?)

Titus O'Neil & Darren Young vs. Percy Watson & Alex Riley: *1/4

The opening was interesting when Darren Young came out during Titus' promo. Darren's rockin' the mini 'fro here. I didn't like the exchange between the two. It came off as awkward and contradictory. Titus flubbed lines (which is why he's on NXT, I guess), and he initially said he doesn't care about or respect Young, but shook his hand anyway? Percy came out to no pop. I liked the the matching lower-back tattoos dealie. A-Ry got the largest pops by default. Ebony and Ivory! Striker's always late to the party to book the tag match. This whole segment was still a horrid mess.

The mat wrestling between Kidd and Barreta was great. Something Daniel Bryan would do. Suicide dive from Kidd really injured the necks on both guys. Good finish. It was just too short for me, with an awkward dead spot after the suicide dive.

Slater loops a video of him getting his first win in forever, plus the celebration after that win. Bateman...huh? Vintage Skinner reference! Oh, Bateman's got his own video. Loved the Hornswoggle addition in there. I agree with Regal. This segment also blew.

Divas match with Alicia and Maxine...what match? This was Curtis-ference all the way, and Stevie Wonder coulda saw that one coming.

Kaitlyn somehow has managed to get into this whole love triangle situation. Do we have a love quadrilateral now? Oh good grief. I thought this was all over. Yeah, guess I shoulda known better.

Main event was the typical tag match. Faces on offense early, heels take over and slow the action down. The end was a bit suspect here. Titus did a good job with the blind tag, but because of how A-Ry was positioned, he had to delay getting in the ring. If Titus just got in the ring just as A-Ry whipped Young into the ropes (A-Ry would just turn around into the Clash of the Titus), that would have been better.

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Alistar Lee said...

I am really excited to watch the 2/1/2012 NXT. I think that many people enjoyed the wrestling event. I think that I would still watch it next time.