Friday, February 17, 2012

2/17/12 Smackdown

Big Show & Great Khali vs. Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett: *1/2

Hunico vs. Ted DiBiase: *

Primo & Epico vs. Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso: **

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan: *1/4

Jinder Mahal vs. Ezekiel Jackson: 1/2*

Tamina Snuka & Alicia Fox vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya: 3/4*

Elimination Chamber Wild Card Battle Royal: **3/4

Good opening video to highlight DB's heel tactics and possible threat for Sunday. Cuts to Orton and Long. Long says Orton's suffered a concussion. Not competing on Smackdown, and he's also out of the chamber. Long will have Orton escorted from the building "for his health."

Oh crap. Show and Khali together in a match. God help this one. Can Cody and Wade make this somewhat watchable? Never would think Khali gets beaten down and Show gets the hot tag, but that was the only logical move here. Quick, dominating work here. OW. WMD to Khali! That ruled. I woulda given that infinite points.

It's the suspended Mark Henry! Show comes in all sweaty from his match, but wants DB. Henry makes fun of Show. WMD! Man, I laughed good for that part. Yeah! Give Show what he wants! Welp, Long's lost control again.

Unknown wrestlers posing as security! Better to call the National Guard.

Hunico and DiBiase again? Is Camacho that green in the ring? I'm interested in seeing what that guy can do. Isn't he Meng's son? Camcho-ference leads to a Hunico win. OK...rubber match next week?

Replayed the HBK/HHH segment on RAW. Real good stuff. Taker video after that with him cutting his "hair" (he's already either bald or with short hair). So I guess Taker's (likely) last Mania will be with shorter locks.

Usos in action. I want to see Rosa dance, not Primo or Epico. Thanks. Jey looked good on the hot tag. Cousins still on a major roll. Will be interesting to see who will finally step up and be a threat to the tag champs.

DB promo. RAW footage replayed. Show and Orton out of the building. Yeah, everyone is afraid of Daniel Bryan! Title looks so awesome around his waist. DB and Orton was for tonight, but he wants Lilian to announce DB as the winner by forfeit. And yes, epic celebration!

Oops. Here's Teddy. Replacement for Orton! Sheamus! Cole playing the weasel and trying to back DB now. Sheamus on offense. DB wants to leave, nope! DB cowers in the corner and Sheamus loses it. DQ win for DB. Meh. It achieved its purpose.

Elimination Chamber wild card battle royal tonight!

Zeke and Jinder again? Meh. At least I'm glad Zeke powered out of that Punjabi Clutch, or whatever it's called. Can't just go down like that. Tapout win for Jinder with the second attempt, though. Remember when Zeke was pulling dominant wins? That's long gone now.

Divas time. Tamina Snuka. I like that WWE's finally pushing her as the Superfly's daughter. People aren't stupid. You might as well take advantage of the family name. Awkward moment in match. First, Natalya had Alicia in the Sharpshooter. Second, Tamina obviously knew this and didn't break it up. Third, ref was somehow blinded? Huh?! Yet, blind tag that ref probably didn't even see. Tamina with Superfly splash and it's over because Beth doesn't care to break that up. OH DAMN, nice superkick from Tamina. Crowd popped great for that and the attempt on the splash. Beth got out of harm's way, but that was a solid booking job. Match was meh, post-match was great.

Otunga has a Harvard jersey/shirt on. As if Harvard doesn't need any more screen time....

Ton of superstars in the ring! Woohoo! Too lazy to keep track of all eliminations.Fairly uneventful match. Elimination here and there. Liked when Primo eliminated his own cousin. Very impressive showing from Primo. Zeke, Santino, Gabriel, and McIntyre are final four. Really? Yeah, something's up. For sure.

Too much showboating from Drew and Santino eliminates him. Zeke eliminates himself. Santino and Otunga. Crowd popping HUGE for Santino. Santino's hulking up! Rude Awakening-like neckbreaker from Otunga (I'm sure all the old school fans will get that one). Hell, Otunga's even posing like Rick Rude would -- minus the gyrations. Here we go.

REVERSAL! SANTINO WINS! WOOOO. We replace a viper with a cobra! That was a HUGE pop by today's standards. Nice end to the Battle Royal, and show ends. Seriously thought something fishy would go down, but guess not.

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