Friday, February 17, 2012

2/16/12 Superstars

Aksana vs. Maxine: *

Jack Swagger vs. Mason Ryan: 3/4*

Primo & Epico vs. Santino Marella & Alex Riley: **

See? Maxine got off of NXT! Mission accomplished, right? Sorta? Aksana with her seductive entrance and music. A few people care! Yay! Does the inverted atomic drop hurt any worse on a woman? Don't really see that used often, anyway. Striker had a Wendi Richter and Leilani Kai reference! Match really got very boring. Aksana got a bit aggressive, which I liked. Pretty long match for a divas match. Aksana has a decent spinebuster finisher. Good potential here, but again, match lagged too much at times for me.

Ryan and Swagger match. Swagger with some screaming and intimidating stuff pre-match. Ryan with an impressive fallaway slam on Swagger -- Jack's not a small guy, fellas. A few botched moves here, and I'm blaming Mason for it. Swagger tackled the knee and Mason taps to the ankle lock. Rarity to see Mason lose in any fashion.

And now Orton's out of the chamber match. Who's gonna replace him? Gonna find out on Smackdown, I guess.

Glad to see Primo, Epico, and Rosa getting pushed like this. You can probably thank HHH for this one because he believes the Hispanic demographic is key. Must be cool to be bilingual.

WTF, a Jeremy Lin reference on Superstars?!?!

Anyway, tag match was fine. Cousins with nice double-team moves. Santino Stunner?! Huh? Cool, I guess. Good finish, A-Ry nuked with the Backstabber. Looks like Santino's gonna be finding another tag partner now.

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