Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5/9/11 Tough Enough

Christina and Ivelisse continue to have their little feud on one another. I like the competitiveness, but there are times where I think...just move on with your lives, people.

Man, Jeremiah spit up blood and still kept going. Kudos.

The contestants did bodyslams to a weighted dummy bag and then did some elbow drops from the second rope. There were some pretty good ones in there. I chuckled a bit when Jeremiah basically overshot the bag. Ivelisse has heart, that's for sure. Booker doesn't like Ivelisse showing she's injured, which I do agree with. WWE superstars and divas, when playing their characters in the ring, suck it up and go full throttle. Christina was having fun in the ring...love that!

Woohoo, John Morrison guest appearance today! And they showed a highlight of him actually hitting Starship Pain! Ropes course time! It looked pretty fun, actually -- especially that last part down the zipline. Why am I not surprised Eric had trouble with the course?

Skills challenge...doing squats and holding a squat on the top rope? Wow, that'd be too much for me. Jeremiah did well until the finals. Luke did extremely well...excellent job!

Ivelisse is basically gone because of her leg. But Eric is also gone because he was just not good enough. I'm personally glad Eric is gone...he had way more low moments than high moments on the show.

Next week, the WWE divas make an appearance!

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