Friday, May 13, 2011

5/12/11 Impact

Mickie James & Miss Tessmacher vs. Madison Rayna & Tara: 1/4*

Sangriento vs. Suicide: *1/2

Crimson vs. Abyss vs. Samoa Joe: *1/2

Battle Royal: **1/4

Personally, I think the acquisition of Chyna and the return of Mick Foley will help Impact in the ratings. Impact (yes, not TNA anymore) is off to a good start, in my book, with rebranding the product. The battle royal to finish the show off was given a lot of time, and while it wasn’t the best battle royal ever, it was still nice to see any free TV match get a lot of time.

Chris Harris back on Impact is also huge. I like how he’s already inserted into the feud alongside Matt Hardy to face Beer Money. America’s Most Wanted flashbacks FTW!

I’m not sure how long this thing will go on between Sangriento and Suicide, but at least it was a pretty entertaining match for the short time it got. I’m a little interested in the storyline between Tara and Madison Rayne, but other than that, I’ll pass.

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