Friday, May 6, 2011

5/6/11 Smackdown

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan: **

Ezekiel Jackson vs. The Big Show: *

Layla vs. Alicia Fox: N/A

Sin Cara vs. Tyson Kidd: *1/2

Randy Orton vs. Christian (World Heavyweight Title): ***1/4

Mark Henry challenging Christian is a nice boost to Henry's career, and I guess I could believe that. But Khali?! Really?! I would cringe if Khali contending for the title again actually becomes reality. I wish Khali never became World Heavyweight Champion...seriously.

Orton is sporting a bit of facial hair tonight. He's also growing his hair out a little instead of sporting a shaved head. I think this new look could be good for him -- especially if he turns heel (see below).

Jinder Mahal is an intriguing character. I'm certainly interested in how WWE will use him in the storyline with Ranjin Singh and Khali. I definitely see Singh caught in the middle of a power struggle. Mahal may use a lot of persuasion and mind games, perhaps getting Singh to join him and leave Khali. It may be an acceptable feud for Mahal to get introduced to WWE fans, we'll see.

Good six-minute match between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan. A nice flow to the match, with lots of action and impactful moves.

Good promo from Cody Rhodes. WWE might try to keep the feud going between Rhodes and Mysterio. I know I want WWE to continue the feud, anyway.

Not a bad match between Ezekiel Jackson and the Big Show. Obviously it was going to be a power match. Zeke made a big statement with his showing.

Layla has inherited Michelle McCool's entrance theme (complete with new titantron)! Well, at least for now perhaps. Not sure if Layla will keep the entrance theme or just get new music later. In any event, Michael Cole, the heel commentator that he is, blames Layla for McCool leaving WWE.

The divas match was just real short, so I'm not rating it.

Kharma came out again for destruction. I did like Michael Cole's description of the divas' reactions to Kharma: almost as if Kharma hypnotizes the ladies into fear. And of course, Alicia Fox should have been a blonde because she made a very egregious move in trying to assault Kharma. Unfortunately, Alicia Fox suffered a legit right shoulder injury in the assault due to Kharma's stiff clothesline (you could see Alicia landing hard on her shoulder). Hopefully that won't affect Kharma's standing in the company too much. Kharma has to learn to work "WWE style" now. Triple H was the one who brought Kharma in, and he's probably pretty nervous about this acquisition -- and probably nervous with Sin Cara as well. The "One more time!" chants from the crowd...I liked that. It shows Kharma's buildup is working very well.

And the Corre has disintegrated again. Why excommunicate an imposing figure like Ezekiel Jackson? Oh, that's right, WWE doesn't care much for stables anymore.

Oh, and speaking of Sin Cara, another nice showing, this time against Tyson Kidd. Unfortunately, it was just too short to get a real high rating.

I found it interesting Chavo Guerrero came out for commentary. We may have a feud in the future between Sin Cara and Chavo. I still have no clue why Sin Cara's entrance lighting stays the way it does during the actual match. Chavo is right in one respect...Sin Cara is one-dimensional right now. I think Sin Cara is too much a high-flyer and risk-taker. Sin Cara is a spot monkey right now.

Christian dropping the title this early? WTF? OK, I know this was meant to be a fairy tale-like ending for Christian -- especially with Edge's retirement -- but to only let him have a two-day reign (Smackdown is taped on Tuesdays) is bloody ridiculous. Perhaps Christian's reign was doomed from the start when he cut the sappy promo at the beginning of the show.

Maybe Orton is meant to turn heel on Smackdown? He was complaining to the ref a little more than usual in the title match. Ever since I got the "no more Mr. Nice Guy" talk from Orton a few months back, I've been theorizing (probably along with many others) that a slow heel turn is imminent. Also, an Orton heel turn allows Christian to stay as a main eventer.

Or could Christian be the one turning heel? He cut a sappy promo at the beginning of the show. Then, Orton celebrated with the title and left the ring early, leaving WWE to cut to Christian's stunned reaction. WWE continued to show Christian as he walked up the entrance ramp to the back. R-Truth did something similar in his heel turn, although R-Truth's turn was more immediate (attacking Morrison right after the match) and involved more bad-guy factors (smoking and taking heelish breaks). Regardless, one of Orton or Christian is probably turning heel. Orton's new look may cut against a Christian heel turn occurring, but I can't ignore the dejected Christian reaction that was played on TV. We'll see what happens.

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